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If you want to know how to bet on Superbowl 2018 online, or where to bet, or who to bet on, you’ve come to the right place for Super Bowl online betting picks, predictions, sportsbook reviews, odds, and exclusive BSB bonus codes for Superbowl 52. Check it and bet it!

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Here we have listed our favorite online sportsooks to bet on the Super Bowl at for 2018 Super Bowl Online Betting. From the Bovada Sportsbook to the MyBookie and BetOnline Sportsbooks, our top online sportsbook reviews for Super Bowl betting will help you with your betting decisions for Super Bowl 2018.

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Bet on the Super Bowl LII

  • Where is the Super Bowl?:U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • When is the Super Bowl?:Sunday February 4, 2018
  • When Does the Super Bowl Start?: 6:30 PM EST
  • Who is playing in the Super Bowl?: TBD
  • Who is the Super Bowl betting favorite?: The New England Patriots are -3 point favorites

Betting on the Super Bowl

Super Sunday is just around the corner. To get you prepared to bet on SuperBowl we have put together the above wagering how-to guide with information on betting on the Super Bowl.

The first Sunday of February every year is one of the most anticipated days of the year. Whether you follow the NFL or sports in general chances are you will be sitting around a television come February 7th with friends and family to take part in the festivities that surround the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Prop Bets & Odds

If you like to bet on super bowl 2018 prop bets then you will love all the prop bets that come with the Super Bowl. From betting on the coin toss, to length of the national anthem, to the color of the gatorade there is almost nothing that you cannot bet on during the Super Bowl. For example, the Bovada sportsbook typically has the biggest selection of Super Bowl prop bets and odds every year with 150+ bets including whether or not there will be a nip-slip again.

The main bets like the Point Spread and Moneyline bet are obviously the biggest bets wagered on during the Super Bowl, but second-half and in-game betting has also gained favor in American amongst Superbowl bettors.

Check Out 2018 Super Bowl LII Odds to Win

Below is a list of current Super Bowl 52 betting odds to win for Sunday, Feb 4th, 2018

Super Bowl 52 – Odds to Win

  • New England Patriots +250 Wagering Lines
  • New Orleans Saints +950 Betting Odds
  • Los Angeles Rams +1550 Wagering Lines
  • Green Bay Packers +2000 Betting Odds
  • Kansas City Chiefs +3500 Wagering Lines
  • Dallas Cowboys +10000 Betting Odds
  • Oakland Raiders +15000 Wagering Lines
  • Pittsburgh Steelers +325 Betting Odds
  • Philadelphia Eagles +1200 Wagering Lines
  • Seattle Seahawks +1850 Betting Odds
  • Los Angeles Chargers +1850 Wagering Lines
  • Baltimore Ravens +4500 Betting Odds
  • Detroit Lions +20000 Wagering Lines
  • Miami Dolphins +35000 Betting Odds
  • Minnesota Vikings +750 Wagering Lines
  • Atlanta Falcons +1400 Betting Odds
  • Jacksonville Jaguars +1750 Wagering Lines
  • Carolina Panthers +2200 Betting Odds
  • Tennessee Titans +6000 Wagering Lines
  • Buffalo Bills +25000 Betting Odds
  • Live NFL Odds

    NFL odds keep changing with news of injury reports and strategy changes. After this weekend’s games they will change again. It is important to keep an eye on live NFL odds at different sports betting sites so you can hedge your bets if need be.

    NFC Betting Odds to Win

  • Minnesota Vikings +250 Wagering Line
  • Philadelphia Eagles +350 Betting Odds
  • New Orleans Saints +550 Wagering Line
  • Los Angeles Rams +750 Betting Odds
  • Seattle Seahawks +850 Wagering Line
  • Atlanta Falcons +800 Betting Odds
  • Green Bay Packers +950 Wagering Line
  • Carolina Panthers +1100 Betting Odds
  • Dallas Cowboys +4500 Wagering Line
  • Detroit Lions +8000 Betting Odds
  • AFC Betting Odds to Win

  • New England Patriots +150 Wagering Line
  • Pittsburgh Steelers +160 Betting Odds
  • Los Angeles Chargers +800 Wagering Line
  • Jacksonville Jaguars +750 Betting Odds
  • Kansas City Chiefs +1500 Wagering Line
  • Baltimore Ravens +2500 Betting Odds
  • Tennessee Titans +3500 Wagering Line
  • Buffalo Bills +15000 Betting Odds
  • Oakland Raiders +15000 Wagering Line
  • Miami Dolphins +15000 Betting Odds
  • Continue to check back here early and often for line changes so you can stay on top of current NFL wagering odds. If you plan to bet on the Super Bowl it is probably best to make your wager immediately after the teams are announced, and then double-up the day of the Super Bowl to hedge your bets if the line moves.

    Underdog Teams From the NFL Poised to Win Super Bowl 52 2018

    Sports books often list NFL teams with betting odds that help distinguish which teams are a favorite to win Super Bowl 52 or SuperBowl LII. This year, the Patriots, Cowboys and Seahawks are all favorites to make it to the Super Bowl. Although favorites typically come through and win, there have been instances of Wild Card teams pulling through and winning the Lombardi trophy. Here’s a short list of underdog teams that could win Super Bowl LII.

    Kansas City Chiefs

    The Kansas City Chiefs are one of the most efficient football teams in the NFL. The Chiefs feature a stingy defense alongside an offense that seems to get first downs whenever they need them. The Chiefs are longshots at 40/1, however, they could be able to get a favorable matchup in the playoffs and potentially make it to the Super Bowl.

    Oakland Raiders

    All of the right things had to happen in order for the Oakland Raiders to make it into the playoffs and they did for the first time since they made it to the Super Bowl in 2002. Currently online sports betting sites have Derek Carr and the Oakland Raiders at +2500 betting odds to win Super Bowl 2018.

    How to Bet On Super Bowl 2018

    One of the biggest reasons people come to our site is to get help with learning how to bet on the Super Bowl online. With Super Bowl 52 just around the corner we are getting an influx of e-mails all asking the same thing, How can I bet on the Super Bowl online? so that is why the above post was created. First you need to decide on a sportsbook that accepts players from either the U.S. or Canada depending on where you live. Second, you need to get out your credit card so that you can fund your betting account. Once you have money in your sportsbook account you basically just point and shoot. If you want to bet on your team covering a point spread you click on View Point Spreads, if you want to just bet straight up on a win or loss on your team for the Super Bowl then just view Moneyline odds. It’s as simple as that so if you want to learn more tips and tricks for betting on Super Bowl 2018 then continue to check back here leading up to the big day.

    Bet On SuperBowl

    Whether you’re one of those bettors that calls it the Superbowl or Super Bowl, we can all agree that it’s one of the best times of the year. Superbowl 2018 is going to be here quicker than you think and there are already some upsets in the making. After a rough start to the New England Patriots season they are no longer Superbowl 2018 betting favorites. Then you have the Kansas City Chiefs who are undefeated after 4 weeks of NFL. The best odds for the Superbowl are always posted before the start of the playoffs with the greatest return. If you wait until the start of the playoffs or the actual Super Bowl game, you’re payout won’t be as large and that’s why all the top handicappers typically place their futures wagers in the month of November and then either double-down or hedge their bets once the NFL playoffs start.

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    Superbowl 2018 Half-Time Show

    What a Week 14 this past weekend in NFL football! We had some upsets and some injuries which all have impacted playoff odds. However, today we are going to focus more on Superbowl 2018’s half-time show rather than which teams are expected to advance after the NFL playoffs.

    The NFL hasn’t made an official announcement about next year’s Super Bowl performers, but rumors are already circulating that the league is currently negotiating with pop star Justin Timberlake to headline the event.

    Timberlake’s last appearance at the Super Bowl halftime show was in 2004, the show in which he infamously ripped off Janet Jackson’s top in what was dubbed “nipplegate.”

    In the past, Super Bowl halftime performers have brought other artists on stage with them, but in Timberlake’s case, it has been reported that he isn’t going to have any surprise performers with him, probably to prevent a repeat of the 2004 performance.

    However, that is bad news for Timberlake fans that were hoping for a reunion with his former band mates NSYNC, like Beyonce Knowles had with her bandmates Destiny’s Child, when she performed in 2015 during the Super Bowl halftime show.

    2018 Superbowl Halftime Show

    However, the Super Bowl is still almost four month away, and a lot can happen between now and then.

    Last month, there were reports that the NFL was trying to convince rapper Jay-Z to headline the Super Bowl halftime show, but he reportedly turned down the offer because of the way the NFL has treated former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who remains unsigned after he opted out of the final year of his contract with the 49ers.

    There have been rumors that NFL owners are blackballing Kaepernick, who started kneeling during the national anthem last season to protest police brutality and racial injustice. However, the owners have denied the allegations.

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    Are the Rams a Playoff Team

    Lately we have been getting asked a lot of questions on whether or not the Los Angeles Rams have a chance to be one of the 2018 playoff teams and we think they can if the Rams can continue their winning ways.

    After firing head coach Jeff Fisher last season, the Los Angeles Rams have to be one of the biggest surprises in the NFL this season.

    The Young Rams currently lead the NFC West, which is a division that was expected to be decided between the Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals.

    At 4-2, the Rams haven’t just been good, they have been surprisingly dominant as well, and have the third highest point differential in the league this year. The Rams’ current odds to win the Super Bowl is +2500, which is a pretty good value.

    Rams Playoff Team 2018

    Los Angeles’ resurgence has been due to a revitalized running game led by Todd Gurley, who has bounced back from a sub-par 2016 season. Gurley his fourth in the league with 521 rushing yards, and his four rushing touchdowns are the third most in the league.

    Quarterback Jared Goff, who looked lost at times during his rookie campaign last season, has been playing very well this year with his confidence rising as his team racks up wins. Goff’s 1,484 yards are the seventh most in the league this season, and he also has the ninth best quarterback rating in the league.

    The Rams offense actually leads the NFL in scoring this year, averaging 29.8 points per game. Defensively, Los Angeles is allowing 23 points per game, which is 19th in the league. For the most part, their defense has played well, and have held four of their six opponents to 20 points or less. However, they allowed the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys to score over 30 points in consecutive wins.

    The Rams still have the Minnesota Vikings, Philadelphia Eagles, Seattle Seahawks, and Houston Texans on their schedule, but even if they lose all four games, they still have a chance to win 10 games this year and end their playoff drought.

    Even if the Rams don’t have home field in the playoffs, they are still a dangerous team because they have been one of the best road teams in the NFL this year.

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    Atlanta Falcons Superbowl Chances

    Can Matt Ryan do what Peyton Manning did a couple of seasons ago? That is to lose the Superbowl, but then make it back to the big game the following season and win it? That’s what many online sportsbooks believe so without further ado we review the Atlanta Falcons Superbowl chances going into Superbowl 2018.

    The Atlanta Falcons won the NFC last season and were a quarter away from winning the Super Bowl, but were unable to hold on to their lead, eventually losing to the New England Patriots.

    After the first five games of the season, the Falcons are 3-2, and have lost their last two games. Their current odds to win the Super Bowl is +1400, but with Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers suffering a potential season ending in jury, the NFC is wide open, and the Falcons have a legitimate chance of returning to the Super Bowl.

    Falcons Superbowl 2018

    Atlanta’s offense hasn’t been as explosive as it was last season, but the Falcons are averaging 24.2 points per game, which is the 12th most in the league this year. Their defense has actually been better than it was last year, and opponents are scoring 21.8 points against them, which is 13th in the league.

    The problem the Falcons have had in their past two games has been their inability to score in the second half, which has allowed teams they were beating to come back against them.

    Despite their recent losses, the Falcons are a very dangerous team, especially when Matt Ryan and Julio Jones are on the same page. Unlike last season, Jones and Ryan haven’t been consistent, but the two will eventually find their groove and will wreak havoc on a lot of defenses.

    The Falcons have a lot of competition in their division this season with the Carolina Panthers currently leading the NFC South with a 4-2 record, and the New Orleans Saints, who have the same 3-2 record as the Falcons hoping to make the playoffs this season.

    The Falcon’s path to the Super Bowl will be difficult with games against the Saints, New England Patriots, Dallas Cowboys, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Seattle Seahawks, Minnesota Vikings, and Carolina Panthers still on the schedule. If they can survive and make the playoffs, they might just be the toughest team in the playoffs.

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    Can the Eagles Make it to Super Bowl 2018

    We know what a lot of Eagles fans are wondering right now, is this team for real? At 10-2, the Philadelphia Eagles currently sit on top of the NFC East and have the best record in the conference as well. However, some still aren’t convinced they are the team to beat in the NFC and that they have a shot at making it to Super Bowl 2018 which will kickoff Sunday, February 4th, 2018.

    One of the reasons the Eagles aren’t currently considered a legitimate threat in the NFC is the fact that their win against the Carolina Panthers is their biggest win so far. However, their only loss of the season came against their former coach Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs in a seven point game.

    The Eagles’ odds of winning the Super Bowl is currently +800, but the team deserves more respect than they are currently getting. Of all the contenders this season, the Eagles look like the most complete team.

    Wentz Eagles Super Bowl 2018

    Philadelphia’s offense is the sixth highest scoring in the league, averaging 27.5 points per game. Their defense isn’t too far behind, holding opponents to 20.3 points per game, which is the ninth best in the league.

    The Eagles have also been very opportunistic with 6 interceptions and 5 fumble recoveries, and 1 defensive touchdown.

    Second year quarterback Carson Wentz has led the charge for the Eagles and has the fifth most passing yards in the NFL this season as well as the third most touchdowns. If he continues playing at his current level, expect him to be in the mix for the MVP award, especially if the Eagles finish with the best record in the NFC.

    Running back LeGarrette Blount hasn’t been as productive as he was with the New England Patriots last season, but he has given the Eagles an offensive balance they didn’t have last year.

    With the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins in their division, Philadelphia will be tested this season, but if they can finish the season with 11 or 12 wins, they will likely have home field advantage in the playoffs, which will make their path to the Super Bowl much easier.

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    Denver Broncos Playoff Odds

    The Broncos seem to be an afterthought this season because they are in the same division with the Kansas City Chiefs and Oakland Raiders, who have been getting a lot of press this year. However, the team is just two seasons away from a Super Bowl victory and still has a good enough defense to get back to the Super Bowl this year. Below is a look at the current Denver Broncos playoff odds ahead of Super Bowl 52.

    Denver got off to a 3-1 start, but they have lost two of their last three games, the latest loss coming at the hands of the injury depleted and previously winless New York Giants.

    The Broncos’ current Super Bowl odds is 2500, which is a good value for a team with such a dominant defense. Denver currently gives up 19.4 points per game, which is 8th in the league. Their rushing defense is currently the best in the league, and have only given up 351 yards in five games.

    Broncos Playoff Odds

    Offensively, the Broncos are averaging 21.6 points per game, which is 17th in the league.

    Quarterback Trevor Siemian, who suffered growing pains as a rookie last season, has been much improved this year. Siemian has 1,264 yards this season with 8 touchdowns and 6 interceptions. He still needs to work on doing a better job protecting the ball, but he has been able to move the chains consistently this season, which was something he struggled with last year.

    The Broncos are currently second in the AFC West, but they will have a difficult task getting into the playoffs because they have a brutal schedule ahead of them. Denver still has to play the Kansas City Chiefs twice, the New England Patriots, the Oakland Raiders and the Philadelphia Eagles.

    If they lose all those games, the best they can finish the season is 8-8, which means they will have to figure out a way to get some wins against a bunch of tough opponents if they want to make it back to the 2018 Super Bowl.

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    Current Super Bowl 2018 Odds

    Prior to the start of the NFL season, the New England Patriots were the favorites to win the Super Bowl, followed by the Green Bay Packers, Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Oakland Raiders.

    Six weeks into the season, the Super Bowl odds for every team have changed thanks to the way they have played this season, injuries, and suspensions.

    Here is a list of current Super Bowl 2018 odds

    New England Patriots +400
    Pittsburgh Steelers +700
    Kansas City Chiefs +800
    Philadelphia Eagles +800
    Seattle Seahawks +1000
    Atlanta Falcons +1400
    Green Bay Packers +2000
    Minnesota Vikings +2000
    Dallas Cowboys +2500
    Denver Broncos +2500
    Carolina Panthers +2500
    Los Angeles Rams +2500
    Houston Texans +3300
    Detroit Lions +3300
    New Orleans Saints +3300
    Washington Redskins +3300
    Tennessee Titans +3300
    Oakland Raiders +3300
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers +3300
    Cincinnati Bengals +6600
    Arizona Cardinals +7500
    Baltimore Ravens +7500
    Buffalo Bills +7500
    Jacksonville Jaguars +7500
    Miami Dolphins +10000
    New York Giants +10000
    Los Angeles Chargers +15000
    Indianapolis Colts +15000
    New York Jets +30000
    Chicago Bears +30000
    San Francisco 49ers +500000
    Cleveland Browns +500000

    Current Super Bowl 2018 Odds

    Which of the top teams are good bets to win the Super Bowl?

    The Patriots are still the favorites to win it all, but their odds changed due to their 4-2 start to the season and the fact that their defense isn’t very good this year.

    The Steelers are off to a 4-2 start as well and saw their odds improve slightly thanks to their win over the previously undefeated Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday.

    The Kansas City Chiefs were the last unbeaten team in the league, and would have had the best odds to win the Super Bowl this week if they hadn’t lost their last two games. Despite the losses, they still have the best record in the AFC, so there’s good value in picking them.

    The Eagles are another great value pick thanks to their 5-1 start to the season. Philadelphia has a very explosive offense, With the Dallas Cowboys struggling and the Green Bay Packers placing Aaron Rodgers on IR, the NFC is wide open for Philadelphia.

    Seattle is currently second in the NFC West, behind a surprising Los Angeles Rams team. With the Arizona Cardinals looking dangerous again after trading for Adrian Peterson, getting to the Super Bowl won’t be an easy task for the Seahawks.

    The Atlanta Falcons looked like the team to beat in the NFC South, but find themselves behind the Carolina Panthers and tied with the New Orleans Saints. With inexplicable losses to the Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills, the Falcons don’t look like a team that will pose a threat in the NFC.

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    Kansas City Chiefs Superbowl Betting Odds

    The Kansas City Chiefs won the AFC West last season, but they didn’t get a lot of love going in to this season because they lost top receiver Jeremy Maclin and running back Jamaal Charles during the offseason. So what does this mean for Kansas City Chiefs Superbowl betting?

    Despite the lack of confidence by the oddsmakers, the Kansas City Chiefs stormed out of the gates, winning their first five games of the season, defeating the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles along the way.

    Through five weeks, the Chiefs looked like the best team in the NFL, but they have since come back to earth, losing their last two games. Now that they are 5-2, the Chiefs have the third best odds of winning the Superbowl 52 at +800.

    Chiefs Superbowl Betting Odds

    At +800, the Chiefs are a very good value bet to win the Super Bowl, considering their two losses were by a combined seven points, and the second loss came during a short week on the road to their biggest rivals, the Oakland Raiders.

    The Chiefs still have some tough games ahead of them, but they also have some very winnable games against the New York Giants, Buffalo Bills, New York Jets, Miami Dolphins and Los Angeles Chargers. If the Chiefs offense continues playing as well as they have so far, and they are able to win home field advantage, it’s going to be difficult for an opponent to come into an extremely loud Arrowhead Stadium and defeat them in the playoffs.

    After years of being called a game manager, Alex Smith is having the greatest season of his career and hasn’t thrown an interception this season.

    Rookie running back Kareem Hunt leads the league in rushing, and wide receiver Tyreek Hill has been an unstoppable force catching passes and returning kicks.

    If any AFC team can be considered a favorite to win Superbowl 2018, the Chiefs have to be that team.

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    Eagles Seahawks Wagering Line

    The NFC leading Philadelphia Eagles will be going for their 10th win in a row when they take on the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday Night Football. The game will be played at CenturyLink Stadium and is scheduled to begin at 8:30 PM. ET.

    Can Carson Wentz keep it up? The Eagles have been the biggest surprise in the league this year and at 10-1, have the best record in the NFL.

    The Key to the Eagles’ success is second year quarterback Carson Wentz, who leads the league with 28 touchdowns.

    Wentz and the high-flying Eagles have the best offense in the league, averaging 31.9 points per game. Their defense has also been very solid this year and opponents are averaging 17.4 points against them, which is the third best in the league.

    The Eagles should be able to move the ball against Seattle’s depleted secondary, but the Seahawks aren’t going to be an easy team to defeat because they are still fighting for the NFC West title.

    Eagles Seahawks Wagering 2018

    Is this a must win game for the Seahawks in order to make the playoffs and a chance at going to Superbowl 2018? The Seahawks have been dealing with injuries all season, but have still managed to stay in the thick of the NFC playoff race.

    Quarterback Russell Wilson hasn’t been mentioned among the MVP candidates, but he has been one of the best in the league this year, and leads the Seahawks in both passing and rushing this year.

    The Seahawks have been very difficult to beat at home in recent years, but they have lost two straight home games and they will be trying to avoid losing three straight.

    Despite their injuries on defense, the Seahawks still have one of the best defensive units in the NFL, and are holding opponents to 19.3 points per game, which is 9th in the league.

    Offensively, the Seahawks are averaging 24.2 points, which is 10th in the NFL.

    Who should you bet on for NFL Week 13? The Eagles are favored to win this game by 6 points. The over/under on total points scored is 42 points. The Eagles are flying high right now, but the Seahawks know they are still within reach of the Rams so I expect them to take this game. Take Seattle +6.

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    Carolina Panthers Super Bowl Odds

    The Carolina Panthers made it to the Super Bowl in 2015, but for some reason, the team imploded last season, finishing at the bottom of the NFC South, after winning only six games. What do the Carolina Panthers have to do this year to make it to Super Bowl 2018?

    The team came into this season with plans of proving their doubters wrong, and so far they have done a pretty good job. The Panthers are currently 4-2 and lead the NFC South, which has improved their Super Bowl odds to +2500. Although we are still only in Week 13, it’s never to early for Super Bowl online betting if that is the sort of thing you are into.

    Their defense played very well at the start of the season, holding their first two opponents to six combined points. However, they haven’t played as well in their past four games, and their opponents are averaging 29 points per game in their last four contests. Fortunately for them, their offense has been pretty good lately, so they have been able to salvage a 2-2 record in those games.

    2018 Carolina Panthers Super Bowl Odds

    Things will get worse for Carolina’s defense in the next few weeks with All-Pro linebacker Luke Keuchley in concussion protocol. If he misses an extended period of time, the defense will need someone to step up in his place or they will find themselves in a lot of trouble.

    Quarterback Cam Newton, who won the MVP in 2015, had a slow start to the season but has been playing well of late. Newton, who threw for over 600 yards and 6 touchdowns in wins against the New England Patriots and Detroit Lions, had a bad game against the Philadelphia Eagles, throwing 1 touchdown and 3 interceptions.

    If he can be more consistent, the Panthers will have a great chance to win the division again and make another playoff run.

    Carolina has tough games against the Atlanta Falcons, New Orleans Saints, and Minnesota Vikings left on the schedule. If they can escape with a 2-2 record against those teams, they should be in a good position to make a playoff run and improve their Carolina Panthers Super Bowl odds better than +2500.

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