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When it comes to Super Bowl Betting and placing your Super Bowl Bets for Super Bowl 50 2016 there are only a few betting picks and predictions sites we trust, and only a few online sportsbooks that we feel comfortable recommending for your 2016 Super Bowl Betting online for Sunday, February 7, 2016 at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California.

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Super Bowl Betting Odds

How To Bet On Superbowl 2015 Online

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Update: Now that the Super Bowl is behind us with the New England Patriots upsetting the Seattle Seahawks in the final seconds of the Super Bowl we can look ahead to the next major sporting event, the Kentucky Derby. If you want to find the latest odds on Kentucky Derby 2015 and bet online then check out the guys at

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The above online sportsbooks are the best Super Bowl online betting 2015 sites for players from the USA and Canada. If you are looking to place Super Bowl bets online then play with the best! Now you can bet on the Seattle Seahawks or the deflate gate New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX. The above online sportsbooks currently have the Seattle Seahawks as the early Super Bowl betting underdogs at +2 point betting odds along with the New England Patriots as -2 point favories. Whether you want to bet on Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks or Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, the above online sports betting sites have the best Super Bowl wagering lines online now for Superbowl 2015.

Super Bowl Online Betting

We hope you enjoy betting on Super Bowl XLIX at the above Super Bowl online betting sites when you bet between the Seattle Seahawks or New England Patriots. Currently the Pats are -2 point favorites despite the upsets Russell Wilson and his Seattle Seahawks have been able to accomplish in the NFL playoffs in their road to Super Bowl 2015 also known as Super Bowl 49 or Super Bowl XLIX. The line originally opened at 2 points, then it went down to 3 points for a couple of days but seems to have finally stabilized at -2 points in the favor of Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Just a reminder to get your Super Bowl online bets in prior to kickoff which is 6:30 PM EST on Sunday, February 1st, 2015 or else you will be kicking yourself with your would have and should have bets until next year. Super Bowl 2015 will be played at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

How to Bet On Superbowl Online

With the Super Bowl just around the corner many NFL fans that are unable to make the trip to a Las Vegas sportsbook are looking to the Internet to place their Super Bowl bets. If you need to know how to bet on Superbowl online then you have come to the right site. Learning how to place your Super Bowl bets online is pretty simple to do and it may surprise you how quick the whole process is. Today we will outline the steps involved in placing your Super Bowl bets using the Bovada sports betting site in our example. First, click on the “Bovada Sportsbook” link above to get to the Bovada Sportsbook page. Once there you will see a photo of Russell Wilson and Peyton Manning with a “JOIN NOW” button under a promo blurb about the 50% Signup Bonus. Click on Join Now and then proceed to fill in your profile information. Once your profile information has been submitted you will be prompted to fund your player account. You can use your VISA Credit Card to load funds and the minimum deposit amount is $20. Once your deposit has been processed click on the “Sports” tab from the top header on the Bovada site. Under the Top 5 Betting Lines you will see the Super Bowl odds section which displays point spread odds, moneyline odds, and the Over/Under total odds. Basically from here you just click the wager selection you like, it will then populate your Bet Receipt on the right-hand side of the page where you then input your wager amount. At this point all you have to do is hit submit and your wager will be placed and all you have to do now is win! Pretty simple enough considering this whole process typically takes less than 3 minutes from start to finish. SO far now, take care and Happy Super Bowl Online Betting for 2015!

Super Bowl 49 Projections

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With just a couple of hours before kick off we take a look at the latest Super Bowl 49 projections at the top sports betting sites for Super Bowl 2015. Each year, analysts will use super computers to hash out who they think has the overall statistical advantage over each team in the Super Bowl. This year, the analysts compared the two teams and found that the New England Patriots have a slight 1 point statistical edge over the Seattle Seahawks. Well, that depends on which computer model you use. The computer simulator over at mentions that they think the Seahawks will win the Super Bowl 53.7% of the time after 1,001 simulations.

Super Bowl Projections

Should you put much stock into computer simulations? Given the fact that these two teams are the best two teams in their respective conference, you can safely say that any computer prediction will be right around 50/50. Any other type of simulation would mean one conference heavily outweighs the other. The Patriots and Seahawks Super Bowl is shaping up to be an epic clash of two of the most worthy opponents. The Seahawks started their season out slow by dropping 3 games early. The Seahawks rallied back at the tail end of the season to score the number 1 seed and subsequently a birth in Super Bowl 49. This Super Bowl is one of the more difficult Super Bowls to make a prediction. When picking a Super Bowl winner in a contest that is so evenly matched, the only tool you should rely on is your gut.

Updated Super Bowl Prop Betting

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Everyone bets on the moneyline and point spread odds on the Super Bowl, but more and more bettors these days are laying their wagers on prop bets in the Super Bowl.

One of the best parts of enjoying the Super Bowl is spending a few dollars on an exotic prop bet. When you bet on a prop bet, you are betting against a specific outcome that the sports book has propositioned you on. You may or may not have a casino with sports betting nearby therefore going online to bet on sports has become in areas that allow it.

Online sports books tend to have more robust prop betting options. For example, you can bet on the over or under on the total of number passing yards of either quarterback. Last year, one lucky prop bettor placed a wager on the first play of the game being a safety. Sure enough, that 40/1 prop bet paid off as the result of the first play of scrimmage in last year’s Super Bowl was a safety recovered by the Seahawks.

Super Bowl Prop Betting

Prop bets are an alternative to fantasy football. In many ways, prop bets on the Super Bowl are like many of the fantasy football websites that help you get paid on your players performances. Many of these sites also let you play for free. No matter how you decide to enjoy this years Super Bowl, many fans are sitting on their hands waiting anticipation for the big game to kick off at 6:30PM on February 1st 2015 at University of Phoenix Stadium near Glendale, AZ.

Super Bowl Betting Day

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The day has finally arrived, it’s Super Bowl day folks! Please tell us that you are still waiting to place your Super Bowl bet. If that is the case, then take a gander at our latest Super Bowl online betting picks on why we think the Seattle Seahawks will defeat the New England Patriots today in Super Bowl 49 and become back-to-back Super Bowl champions.

Super Bowl Day

The Seattle Seahawks are returning the Super Bowl on February 1st 2015 in order to play the New England Patriots and defend their NFL championship. Many fans are surprised that the New England Patriots have gained the slight edge in regards to betting odds. Many online bookmakers are marking the Seattle Seahawks down to a 1 point underdog. Although Seattle played well enough to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl, many analysts wonder how injuries to Richard Sherman will impact the Seahawks ability to contain the New England Offense.

The Seahawks being the underdog in their Super Bowl defense shouldn’t worry too many Seattle fans. The Broncos were the favorites in the Super Bowl 48 but when the score was all settled, the Seahawks blew out the Broncos proving the odds makers wrong once again. Although a 1 point disadvantage doesn’t seem like much, the psychological feeling of being the underdog could help propel the Seahawks to a win. The Seahawks must bring their best defensive game this year in order to beat the Patriots. Will Pete Carroll be able to prepare his team for their biggest challenge yet? Many computer simulations have been run on the Super Bowl and the average score seems to be New England 35 Seattle 34.

Super Bowl XLIX Storylines

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With all that has been going on in the past 2 weeks leading up to Super Bowl 2015 there have been a lot of story lines.

Super Bowl XLIX is shaping up to be one of the best Super Bowl matchups in recent memory. Could Tom Brady add one more ring into his collection or will Russell Wilson steal the spotlight. Could the Seahawks represent the new guard of the NFL by beating Manning and Brady in back to back Super Bowls? Many storylines can emerge Super Bowl XLIX and speculation is already beginning as to which team has the edge going into the match up. From a purely geographical standpoint, the University of Phoenix stadium is closer the Seahawks than it is the East coast based New England Patriots. Fans from all sorts of backgrounds buy Super Bowl seats however Seattle may have a slight edge in crowd participation. Seattle embraces their fan base by calling them the 12th man. Could the 12th man play a factor in Super Bowl XLIX?

Super Bowl Storylines

New England Patriots fans are located all over the country and they will be sure to be at the Super Bowl supporting their team. Another story line that is emerging is the fact that Pete Carroll once coached the Patriots while Bill Belichick was his eventual successor. New meets old in the epic Super Bowl XLIX face off many analysts wonder if this game will be the thriller that goes down as one of the best Super Bowls ever.

General Super Bowl Betting Tips

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The NFL’s Super Bowl is one of the largest spectacles. Each year, the NFL grows more in popularity and this year is certainly no exception. More people tune in for the Super Bowl than just about any other program on television. The Super Bowl always attracts high profile people into its crowds as the big game is often a seen as one of the biggest non-official holidays of the year.

Superbowl Betting Tips

Super Bowl XLIX is being played at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. Glendale is just outside of Phoenix, Arizona and the stadium is the regular season home of the Arizona Cardinals. The Super Bowl will be broadcast on NBC and many believe that this years Super Bowl will attract over 170M viewers world wide. The world certainly pauses to watch the Super Bowl in the same way that the world typically pauses to watch the FIFA World Cup. The Super Bowl is a special event and this years Super Bowl will kick off at 6:30PM EST on February 1st 2015. The winner of the Super Bowl will get to hoist the prestigious Lombardi trophy in the air and the winning team will earn the right to be called world champions of professional football for the rest of the year.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, if you want to learn how to bet on the Super Bowl online take a gander at our online sportsbook reviews with the bonus information, live odds updates, and general betting tips to help you with your Super Bowl bets.

Patriots Odds to Win Super Bowl XLIX

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Now that “Deflate Gate” is finally behind us, let’s focus our efforts on the latest New England Patriots betting odds to win Super Bowl XLIX.

Although the Patriots have won 3 Super Bowls in their franchise’s existence, it may be of note that the Patriots are only 1-5-1 against the spread in each of their Super Bowl appearances. When you look at the straight up stats, the Patriots are only 3-4 in Super Bowl appearances. According to popular online sports books, New England is currently a 1 point favorite over the Seahawks. The Seahawks didn’t do their current betting odds any favors by playing poorly against the Packers. Many fans argue that the Packers lost the NFC championship versus the Seahawks playing well enough to win it. Regardless of that fact, the Patriots win over the Colts looked much more impressive than the Seahawks win over the Packers which is why the defending Super Bowl champions are the slight underdogs in this match up.

Patriots Betting Odds

In regards to point spread stats for the Patriots throughout the entire post season era of Belichick and Brady, the Patriots are only 5-10 against the spread. This coincides with the Patriots knack for winning close games in the playoffs when other teams just can’t seem to get it done. With New England gaining a small edge in the point spread, don’t look for the line to move any more than this and if it does move, it will likely move back to a pick’em game.

Betting Trends for the Seattle Seahawks

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If you are planning on betting on Super Bowl 2015 then take a look at the below betting trends brought to your by expert NFL bettors.

The Seattle Seahawks are the defending Super Bowl champions. The Seahawks have won the NFC championship against a talented Green Bay Packers team and they have earned the right to defend their title against the worthy New England Patriots. The Seattle Seahawks are an impressive 5-0 straight up in their last five contests. In their last 8 games, the Seattle Seahawks are 6-1-1 against the spread. Another impressive stat is that the Seahawks are a combined 6-2 against the spread when playing the Patriots.

In terms of average scoring, the Seahawks are ranked 10th in the league. The Seahawks are ranked first in the league in rushing while the passing attack lags behind at 27th. The Seattle defense has been the key to their success. The defense is ranked 1st in average score against and in total yards given up. The Seattle defense on average only gives up 185.4 passing yards which also ranks 1st in the league. There are no injuries to report before the Super Bowl. The Seattle Seahawks have went over in the over/under point total 3 times out of the last 5. The over/under point total for the Super Bowl this year is 48.5 according to most sources.

Superbowl Betting Trends

Super Bowl 49 Wagering Lines

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We are just 2 days away from Super Bowl 49! Are you excited yet? The wagering lines keep moving so here’s a look at the latest updated Super Bowl online betting odds between the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots.

The Super Bowl betting odds have changed somewhat significantly depending on which book makers line you are observing. Popular online sportsbooks initially had the game listed as a pick’em but the line has moved 2 points in favor of the Patriots in the days leading up to the Super Bowl. If you were to bet on the point spread of Super Bowl 49, you’d likely get (-115) odds on New England to cover the spread. Consequently, you’d earn (-105) on your money by betting on Seattle to beat the two point spread.

Super Bowl Wagering Lines

Point spreads change typically because an money is being bet more heavily on one side. Most analysts wouldn’t call a 2 point shift dramatic, given the fact the game started out as a pick’em. The Super Bowl 49 line was New England by (-1) for a few days before going to (-2). It’s possible the line gets to (-3) or (-3.5) given the amount of money that could be bet on the Patriots but the line is unlikely to move much more than that. The over/under total for the Super Bowl is 48 1/2 points with betting odds at (-110) for both the over and under selections. Super Bowl XLIV is set for kick off on February 1st 2015 at 6:30PM.

Super Bowl Facts to Help with Wagering

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Today we bring you more fun Super Bowl facts to help you with your wagering for the big game this Sunday, February 1st, 2015 at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

The Super Bowl is full of fun facts. Super Bowl 49 marks the first that 2 number 1 seeds have faced off in back to back Super Bowls in over 20 years. The last time two 1 seeds faced off before before the pas two Super Bowls was when the New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts played for the Super Bowl back in 2010. Belichick and Pete Carroll are two of the only coaches to have ever have coached in back to back Super Bowls. Belichick coached in back to back Super Bowls back in 2004 and 2005.

Super Bowl Wagering Help

Russell Wilson holds the distinction for being the shortest quarterback to have ever won the Super Bowl. Joe Flacco is the tallest quarterback to ever win a Super Bowl standing at 6 foot 6 inches tall. Super Bowl 49 marks the first time two Big 10 quarterbacks will face off against each other in the Super Bowl. The two teams who have played against each other the most in the Super Bowl game itself are the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Dallas Cowboys. The Steelers and Cowboys have played in Super Bowls X, XIII and XXX with the Steelers winning the first 2 and the Cowboys winning their last match up.

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