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When it comes to Super Bowl Betting and placing your Super Bowl Bets for Super Bowl XLIX 2015 there are only a few betting picks and predictions sites we trust, and only a few online sportsbooks that we feel comfortable recommending for your 2015 Super Bowl Betting online for Sunday, February 1, 20154 at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.
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Top Super Bowl Betting Sites

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Bovada Sportsbook

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Super Bowl Online Betting

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Super Bowl Bets

Super Bowl WageringSuperBowl Betting
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The above online sportsbooks are the best Super Bowl online betting sites for players from the USA and Canada. If you are looking to place Super Bowl bets online then play with the best! Now you can bet on the Seattle Seahawks or the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII. The above online sportsbooks currently have the Seattle Seahawks as the early Super Bowl betting underdogs against the Denver Broncos despite the experience the Seahawks have playing in the Super Bowl after being in it last season. Whether you want to bet on Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks or Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos, the above online sports betting sites have the best Super Bowl wagering lines online now.

Super Bowl Online Betting

We hope you enjoy betting on Super Bowl XLVIII at the above Super Bowl online betting sites when you bet between the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos. Currently the Denver Broncos are -1 point favorites despite the upsets Russell Wilson and his Seattle Seahawks have been able to accomplish in the NFL playoffs in their road to Super Bowl 2015. The line originally opened at 2 points, then it went down to 3 points for a couple of days but seems to have finally stabilized at -1 points in the favor of Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. Just a reminder to get your Super Bowl online bets in prior to kickoff which is 6:30 PM EST on Sunday, February 1st, 2015 or else you will be kicking yourself with your would have and should have bets until next year.

How to Bet On Superbowl Online

With the Super Bowl just around the corner many NFL fans that are unable to make the trip to a Las Vegas sportsbook are looking to the Internet to place their Super Bowl bets. If you need to know how to bet on Superbowl online then you have come to the right site. Learning how to place your Super Bowl bets online is pretty simple to do and it may surprise you how quick the whole process is. Today we will outline the steps involved in placing your Super Bowl bets using the Bovada sports betting site in our example. First, click on the “Bovada Sportsbook” link above to get to the Bovada Sportsbook page. Once there you will see a photo of Russell Wilson and Peyton Manning with a “JOIN NOW” button under a promo blurb about the 50% Signup Bonus. Click on Join Now and then proceed to fill in your profile information. Once your profile information has been submitted you will be prompted to fund your player account. You can use your VISA Credit Card to load funds and the minimum deposit amount is $20. Once your deposit has been processed click on the “Sports” tab from the top header on the Bovada site. Under the Top 5 Betting Lines you will see the Super Bowl odds section which displays point spread odds, moneyline odds, and the Over/Under total odds. Basically from here you just click the wager selection you like, it will then populate your Bet Receipt on the right-hand side of the page where you then input your wager amount. At this point all you have to do is hit submit and your wager will be placed and all you have to do now is win! Pretty simple enough considering this whole process typically takes less than 3 minutes from start to finish.

Cincinnati Bengals Super Bowl Odds

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Do you think the Bengals have a shot at making it to the big game? Today we will be taking a look at the Cincinnati Bengals Super Bowl odds to win Super Bowl 2015. One thing you need to keep in mind when it comes to placing prop wagers for Superbowl betting is that these odds change every week, even after bye weeks so it is important to play these odds like the stock market.

The Cincinnati Bengals are one of the two teams to start the first quarter of the NFL season undefeated. The Bengals enjoy a bye in week 4 however the real test for this team will be if they can defeat the Patriots on the road. The Bengals have a superb chance of making the Super Bowl as this year seems to be a break out season. Marvin Lewis and his Bengals have faltered in the playoffs in years past but this year seems to be different. Many analysts feel like the Bengals will be able to win their division as well as get the coveted first round bye which will give the Bengals a better chance to excel in the post season.

Bengals Superbowl Odds

The Bengals playoff chances currently sit at 10/1. This betting line was published by Bovada, who is currently offering odds on all 32 NFL teams to make the Super Bowl. Odds makers have the Bengals listed as the third overall favorite to make the Super Bowl 2015 with the Broncos and Seahawks being the top two favorites. If the odds makers are correct, the AFC championship game could include a combination of the Broncos, Patriots or Bengals. If the Bengals can defeat the New England Patriots on the road in week 5, the Bengals could emerge as being the top Super Bowl favorite for the AFC conference. There you have it in a nutshell, Super Bowl XLIX will be a tough game to crack and the Bengals will have to put it all on the line to make it.

Could The Arizona Cardinals Play the Super Bowl at Home

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Arizona Cardinals – Could They Play the Super Bowl at Home? That is what many NFL fans of the Cardinals are hoping for but the betting odds indicate otherwise.

One of the biggest surprises in the NFL season is the 3-0 start by the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals hot start to the beginning of the NFL season has afforded the Cardinals to play a big game against the Broncos in week 5 with a bye week the week before. The Cardinals have started off the season hot with unlikely wins over the Chargers, Giants and 49ers. The biggest key to the success of the Cardinals is their ability to shut down the run.

Cardinals Super Bowl

According the ESPN, the Cardinals are 4th in the league in opponents rushing yard average. The Cardinals shut down running defense has allowed the team to keep their edge on the field while keeping traditionally high scoring teams from putting touch downs on the board. In fact, the Cardinals have not allowed a team to score more than 17 points against them. What does this mean for the Cardinals odds of making it to the 2015 Super Bowl and be the first team to do it in decades? This impressive feat is highlighted by superb play by Drew Stanton and Carson Palmer at quarterback. Both quarterbacks have looked impressive in their starts. The biggest test for the Cardinals will be the Denver Broncos. Most analysts believe that the Broncos are the best team in the AFC and it will be interesting to see how the Cardinals defense responds to a passing attack orchestrated by Peyton Manning.

2015 NFL Pro Bowl

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In a stranger turn of events the 2015 NFL Pro Bowl will be doing something they have never done befoer in the NFL. The NFL Pro Bowl date has been changed, to the delight of many NFL plans.

One of the biggest changes in recent years within the NFL season is to make the Pro Bowl a part of the Super Bowl festivities. Did you know that the 2015 Pro Bowl will be played a week before the NFL’s Super Bowl. What’s also interesting about this setup is the fact that the Pro Bowl will also be played in University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. The 2015 Pro Bowl is special case because the Pro Bowl is traditionally played in Hawaii. This is sort of a vacation for players and families of players who have excelled in the regular season.

NFL Pro Bowl

The NFL has noted that the Pro Bowl will return to Hawaii in 2016 and 2017. No plans for 2018 have been made public yet in regards to the Pro Bowl. The idea of hosting the Pro Bowl at the University of Phoenix Stadium is being credited to Cardinals President Michael Bidwell. He pressed the NFL to include the Pro Bowl into Arizona’s Super Bowl week of festivities. The Pro Bowl will certainly help the economy of the Glendale, Arizona area as the event will help bring in fans who may be able to pony up the hefty price of a Super Bowl 49 ticket.

Superbowl 49 Information

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Have a lot of Superbowl 49 questions? Well, here is our Superbowl 49 information guide that will tell you what you need to know going into Super Bowl 2015, the NFL Championship game.

The 49th installment of the NFLs biggest game is sure to be one for the ages. The Super Bowl is a game that is played by the AFC and NFC conference winners. These two conference winners will play each other exactly 2 weeks after the conference championship game. This year’s Super Bowl is being held at University of Phoenix Stadium near Glendale, Arizona. This stadium is the same stadium that is home to the Arizona Cardinals. The last time the Super Bowl was held at University of Phoenix stadium was in 2008. Super Bowl 49 will be broadcast worldwide on the NBC network. The Super Bowl wasn’t originally supposed to be played in Arizona.

Superbowl 49 2015

In fact, many speculate that the Kansas City Chief’s were favorites to host the Super Bowl in the Midwest. This deal required tax increases that voters shunned and it also required that Arrowhead stadium install a retractable roof. None of these conditions were met therefore the Super Bowl committee began taking other bids from other cities thus netting the Arizona Cardinal’s home stadium as the recipient of the 49th Super Bowl. Sources note that Coldplay, Katy Perry and Rihanna are rumored to be at the halftime show of Super Bowl 49.

Super Bowl 2015 Preview

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Today we will be going over our Super Bowl 2015 preview. Now that NFL Week 6 has started with the Colts thrashing win over the Houston Texans it’s time to look ahead and bet ahead. Super Bowl XLIX will be on the first day of February in 2015, so there is no break in between like in most years.

It is never too early to begin thinking about the biggest spectacle in all of sports. The Super Bowl has risen to prominence as being one of the most celebrating sporting events on the planet. When you think about the Super Bowl, each edition has added its own element of high drama. Even in last years edition concerning the Seahawks and Broncos, although the game was a blow out resulting in the Seahawks winning the Super Bowl, many elements to the game made the event entertaining to watch. Even for the casual or non football fan, the NFL’s Super Bowl has a level of intrigue that draws in people from all walks of life in order to celebrate a special time on a Sunday evening in February.

Super Bowl 2015 Preview

This years Super Bowl will take place on February 1st 2015. The game will be held at University of Phoenix Stadium near Glendale, Arizona. This is the home stadium of the Arizona Cardinals. This battle in the desert will be the third Super Bowl played in the state of Arizona and sources mention that NBC has obtained broadcast rights for the worldwide transmission of Super Bowl XLIX. The 49th Super Bowl is sure to be a fun contest between the best of the AFC and the NFC.

Super Bowl 2015 Betting Predictions

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We know it is not even October yet but today we want to look at an updated review of Super Bowl 2015 betting predictions after a few weeks of NFL regular season football.

It’s time! The granddaddy of em all, the greatest sporting event in the world, Super Bowl, is right around the corner! Okay, maybe 7 months isn’t that short a period, but come on, it’s the Super Bowl we are talking about! Bettors are vehemently observing each and every development taking place in order to determine which team they would be betting on, and if you are planning to get in on the action, you should step up your game too. So which team is Vegas counting its odds on this time?

Predicted Winner: Seattle Seahawks

Super Bowl Betting Odds 6-1
After successfully raising the Lombardi trophy last year, it seems as if the Seattle Seahawks are on a roll. So what if they traded out during the first round? The second round served them much better as Paul Richardson and Justin Britt were added to the team, the former of which is an excellent receiver. And let’s not forget the existing star roster consisting of quarterback Russell Wilson and Earl Thomas.

Superbowl 2015 Predictions

Runner Up: Denver Broncos
Super Bowl Betting Odds 7-1
They say revenge is a dish best served cold, and after last year’s crushing defeat by the aforementioned Seahawks, the Broncos are readier than ever to take home the Lombardi trophy. Wes Welker, Aqib Talib, and Peyton Manning are just some of the huge names included within the roster. Under John Elway’s management, the Broncos might just be able to pick up a narrow victory over the Seahawks.

The Superbowl XLIX is still a few months away but these Super Bowl 2015 betting lines are likely to change so for the best payout odds it is better to lock them in early.

Super Bowl 2015 Betting

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It’s never too early to start making your Super Bowl 2015 bets. You can see live odds at the Top Bet sportsbook for Superbowl XLIX.

The Super Bowl in 2015 will be the 49th edition of the NFL’s Championship game. The game will be played in the University of Phoenix Stadium which is located in Glendale, Arizona. NBC has the broadcasting rights to this telecast. A fun fact to note about this Super Bowl was that it was originally scheduled to happen in Kansas City.

Super Bowl 2015 Betting

The plan fell apart due to some contingencies that were not met and the Super Bowl committee began looking at other options which led them to Arizona.Be sure to check here for the latest Super Bowl online betting odds throughout the NFL regular season for Super Bowl futures odds. Super Bowl will be played on February 1st 2015 and the top likely teams to play for the Super Bowl are the Broncos and Patriots. These predictions are formulated using NFL future betting odds and these AFC and NFC team. In the Super Bowl, it is already predetermined that the AFC team will get the honors of being the away team while the NFC team will assume the role of the home team. It is also interesting to note that the Super Bowl has been won by the underdog over the past couple of years. Trends may not mean much when the two challengers for the Lombardi trophy meet in Arizona in February. The only thing that will matter is the final score.

Bet On Superbowl

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Do you want to bet on the Superbowl? Sure you do, but you just haven’t mustered up the courage to do so. Well, let us help nudge you in the right direction. The Superbowl is set to kickoff shortly in but just a few hours and there are many Super Bowl online betting sites that are offering big Super Bowl bonuses plus competitive wagering odds for Super Bowl 2014.

Here are some quick points that you need to know that will help you with your Super Bowl 48 betting predictions.

  • Denver Broncos are favored by 2 points
  • The game combined point total is projected to be 48 points
  • Peyton Manning has won the NFL regular season MVP award
  • The game will be played outside in the cold where Manning has had trouble in the past
  • The Denver Broncos have the best offense and the Seattle Seahawks have the best defense
  • Bet On Superbowl

    Taking into consideration Peyton Manning’s difficulty throwing in cold weather conditions and the Seattle Seahawks Legion of Boom defense, Superbowl XLVIII is likely to be a low scoring game. If you plan to bet on the game total in today’s game we suggest you take the Under 48 points.

    Originally betting odds for Super Bowl 2014 opened at +1 for the Denver Broncos but now the current point spread is sitting at -2.5 points, a 3.5 swing in points from the opening line to today. The game total also has come down somewhat because of the projected cold weather conditions. Although it is not predicted to snow in today’s game at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, it should be approximately 50 degrees with winds that are 10-15 MPH. This game could easily have been dubbed as the weather bowl because it seems that is all NFL fans are talking about going into today’s game which is a 6:30 PM kickoff by the way.

    If you want to join the millions of American and Canadian bettors that are going to bet on Super Bowl 48 then check out the above recommended online sportsbooks for Super Bowl wagering that accept players from the US and Canada.

    John Fox and Pete Carroll Matchup

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    If Super Bowl 2014 doesn’t have more storylines than a children’s bedtime book going into Sunday than any other Super Bowl to precede it, then I’ll be a monkey’s uncle. One less discussed storyline this weekend has been the John Fox and Pete Carroll matchup. Did you know that both John Fox, Denver Broncos head coach and Pete Carroll, Seattle Seahawks head coach, were assistant coaches at the Iowa State University? It was during different times of course, yet nonetheless they both coached the same team but there will be no love lost in today’s big game.

    John Fox took the Carolina Panthers to the Super Bowl in the mid 2000s and came up 3 points short to the eventual champions the New England Patriots. In this edition of the Super Bowl, Fox comes in as the favorite with a hall of fame quarterback in Peyton Manning and steadfast defense that doesn’t give up to many mistakes. The Denver Broncos could potentially run away with this Super Bowl if things go right for them but they certainly won’t be blown out. Look for this match up to remain competitive up until the last blow of the whistle.

    Fox Carroll Superbowl

    Pete Carroll has experienced success on levels of football. He won a national championship at USC while coaching the New England Patriots back in the late 90s with limited success. Carroll is known as a charismatic motivator of men. He is certainly the catalyst of this young squad.The Seattle Seahawks host a roster of players who have never played in a Super Bowl before. Pete Carroll is the cornerstone of this team because he has these men playing like winners.

    If you enjoy watching the Super Bowl and you’d like to spice up your Super Bowl Sunday, Bovada is the place for a premium online sports betting experience.

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