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Looking to bet on Super Bowl 2023? If you’re an avid football fan, you’ve got enough on your plate trying to figure out which team to bet on for Super Bowl 57 LVII! There’s no reason to over complicate your life by figuring out on your own which sites are the best for betting on the Super Bowl online. That’s why we proudly provide all the information you need for how to bet on the Super Bowl safely, securely, and profitably!

SPORTS BETTING SITESuper Bowl 2023 Bonus & Payout RatingBET NOW
X Bet SportsbookX Bet Sportsbook$500 Welcome Bonus5 Star SportsbookBet With X BetRead X Bet Review
BetUS SportsbookBetUS Sportsbook200% Sign-Up BonusSuper Bowl BonusBet With BetUSRead BetUS Review
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Top 5 Favorites Super Bowl 57

Each year, countless sports bettors ask questions like: where is the best place to learn Super Bowl betting odds. Also, how can I bet on the Super Bowl online, and what are the best Super Bowl betting sites for my money? If you’re one of these bettors, you’ve come to the right place – in our detailed Super Bowl betting site guides, we’ll show you everything you need to make the right choice, year after year. 

When you’re ready to take part in this year’s online sports betting for the Super Bowl, you know you’ll be taking part in a mass movement of excited fans and sports bettors alike. Make sense? That’s why we want to make sure you have the right information to make the most sensible choice with your money. Each of these sites have been thoroughly determined to be trustworthy, safe to use, easy to navigate, and overall fun to interact with. If they weren’t, we’d never include them on our list!

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No matter which team or division you think has the best odds for winning the Super Bowl in 2023, we’ll show you the reasons why the sites we recommend are the best for your money. Our team has exhaustively researched all of the best sites for Canadian bettors to engage in betting on the Super Bowl online. Ready to jump in?

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Until the big day is upon us, you can check back each week to read our informative articles, blog posts, and news updates on the NFL Super Bowl betting odds, how to bet on the Super Bowl, and the best online sportsbooks to place your bets. The advice we provide is certain to communicate quickly and effectively the wisest methods for betting on Super Bowl 57 and beyond. See below tips to bet on Super Bowl 2023. In fact, we’re confident that everything we share will carry over into next year and many years to come. And if something major changes in the online sportsbooks for Super Bowl betting, we’ll let you know so you can be one step ahead at all times. 

How to Bet on Super Bowl 57

If you’ve just gotten into the world of online sportsbooks for betting on the Super Bowl, you’ll need to know some key tips for getting started. Every time we create a review or guide, we’ll walk you through the process of:

How to create your account on Super Bowl betting apps and websites

Tips to deposit your money to place bets on the Super Bowl

How to claim welcome bonuses, benefits, and promotions on those websites

Guide to withdraw your winnings after the Super Bowl champion is decided

For new online sports bettors who haven’t experienced this process, it can be overwhelming if you don’t have someone to guide you through the process. That’s why we’re dedicated to sharing the most relevant information to walk you step-by-step to the finish line: making money on the Super Bowl!


From finding the right site to following the Super Bowl betting odds to cashing out your stellar winnings, we’ve got you covered. Here are the steps to follow if you want to win big with your favorite team in Super Bowl 57.

1. Find the Right Online Betting Site for Super Bowl 57

The first step in betting on the Super Bowl is choosing where to place your wagers. As mentioned, we proudly provide reviews on the top-tier online Super Bowl sportsbooks available. View the top sportsbooks above.

2. Create an Account on the Best Online Sports Betting Site

Once you’ve found the right betting site for your needs, it’s time to sign up. This process should be simple, secure, and rewarding. We’ll get to that later!

3. Deposit Your Money

The best sites for betting real money on the Super Bowl allow you to deposit in a safe and straightforward manner. We’re talking easy! You should always be confident your money is protected and available quickly for you to place your bets. It’s simple to bet on Super Bowl 2023.

4. Claim Your Welcome Bonus

Since online sportsbooks are so competitive. They tend to offer excellent welcome bonuses for their bettors. Follow any instructions carefully and claim a bonus on your first deposit!

5. Place Wagers on the Super Bowl

Once you get a grasp on the Super Bowl betting odds, it’s your choice what kind of wager you want to make. Remember: only you can decide who you think will win this year, so choose wisely!

6. Withdraw Your Winnings 

As the fourth quarter ends and a new champion has been crowned the winner of Super Bowl 57, it’s time to collect your winnings! The best online Super Bowl betting sites and apps make the withdrawal process as streamlined as possible. Congratulations!

  • Where is the Super Bowl?: State Farm Stadium, Glendale, Arizona
  • When is the Super Bowl?: Sunday February 12th, 2023
  • When Does the Super Bowl Start?: 6:30 PM EST
  • Super Bowl Halftime Show 2023: Rihanna
  • Who is playing in the Super Bowl?: Kansas City Chiefs at Philadelphia Eagles
  • Who is the Super Bowl betting favorite?: The Kansas City Chiefs are +1.5 Point Super Bowl 2023 Underdogs over the -1.5 Philadelphia Eagles Favorites. The Kansas City Chiefs are +135 odds to win the SuperBowl. The Philadelphia Eagles are -135 odds to win Super Bowl 57.

Latest Odds for Super Bowl 57

Want to know who the experts think will win Super Bowl 57? Continue here. Our team loves collecting all the most relevant stats, player information, and providing the betting odds for the Super Bowl. When the AFC and NFC division champions have been decided, you can check back on our site frequently for updates on the latest Super Bowl odds and find the best prices for every NFL football team. 

  • Los Angeles Rams NA Wagering Line
  • Cincinnati Bengals NA Wagering Line
  • Kansas City Chiefs +260 Betting Odds
  • San Francisco 49ers NA Betting Odds
  • Los Angeles Chargers NA Betting Odds
  • New Orleans Saints NA Wagering Line
  • Indianapolis Colts NA Betting Odds
  • Chicago Bears NA Betting Odds
  • Pittsburgh Steelers NA Wagering Line
  • Green Bay Packers NA Betting Odds
  • Minnesota Vikings NA Wagering Line
  • Dallas Cowboys NA Betting Odds
  • Philadelphia Eagles +260 Wagering Line
  • Atlanta Falcons NA Betting Odds
  • Cleveland Browns NA Betting Odds
  • Houston Texans NA Wagering Line
  • Seattle Seahawks NA Betting Odds
  • Baltimore Ravens NA Wagering Line
  • Carolina Panthers NA Betting Odds
  • Jacksonville Jaguars NA Wagering Line
  • New York Giants NA Betting Odds
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers NA Wagering Line
  • Tennessee Titans NA Betting Odds
  • Arizona Cardinals NA Wagering Line
  • Buffalo Bills NA Betting Odds
  • New England Patriots NA Wagering Line
  • Denver Broncos NA Betting Odds
  • Detroit Lions NA Wagering Line
  • New York Jets NA Betting Odds
  • Las Vegas Raiders NA Wagering Line
  • Washington Commanders NA Betting Odds
  • Miami Dolphins NA Wagering Line

Remember, picking the winner can be challenging, even to expert sports bettors and hardcore NFL fans. That’s why our team of online sports gambling experts are here to help you make as much money as possible when you bet on Super Bowl 57 this season. Also, remember the Super Bowl 2023 date change to Sunday, February 12th, 2023.

Which Teams Have The Best Chance To Win Super Bowl LVII?

The Kansas City Chiefs went all in this season and it paid off so far en route to Super Bowl LVI. With a few weeks left until the start of the 2023 NFL playoffs and Championship game, we will take a look at some of the teams with the best odds of winning Super Bowl LVII.

Buffalo Bills NA

The Buffalo Bills fell short on their quest to make the Super Bowl last season after losing to the Bengals in the Divisional round of the playoffs.  Also, looking on how to bet on Esports online? They return their core of Joh Allen, Devin Singletary, and Stefon Diggs, as well as one of the best defenses in the league, which makes them a very dangerous team going into nest season.

Kansas City Chiefs +325

The Chiefs have been the class of the AFC for several years and played in four consecutive AFC Championship Games. On offense, they have Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, and Tyreke Hill, so don’t expect a drop-off. Complete Esports betting 2023 sites above.  But, they will lose a few key players on defense during the offseason and will need to plug those holes in free agency or through the draft.

Philadelphia Eagles +550

The Defending champions from a few years ago have a lot of work to do to keep their roster intact due to the fact that they traded away a lot of draft picks to acquire players. Even if they lose both players in free agency, they still have a core of star players like Jalen Hurts, who will keep them in contention this season.

Top Super Bowl 2023 Picks

San Francisco 49ers NA

The 49ers were a dropped interception away from advancing to their second Super Bowl in three years, but they fell short against the Rams. They have a great defense and will bring back most of their stars. The biggest question mark they have going into the offseason is at the quarterback position, but if 2021 first round pick Trey Lance improves as they hope he will, they will be one of the best teams in the league next season.

The Divisional round of the NFL playoffs is over, which means there are only four teams left to compete for the Super Bowl. The preseason favorite Buffalo Bills got knocked out by the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, but the top seeds in both conferences are still in the competition. Now that we are down to the final four, here’s a look at the updated Super Bowl odds.

Kansas City Chiefs +260

The Chiefs were tied with the Bills as Super Bowl favorites, but Buffalo couldn’t take care of business against the Bengals while the Chiefs survives a scare from the Jacksonville Jaguars and an injury to Patrick Mahomes to advance to their fifth consecutive AFC Championship game.

Cincinnati Bengals +260

Even though they made it to the Super Bowl last season, the Bengals entered the season with the third-best odds to win the Super Bowl. They already knocked off the preseason favorites on the road in the last round and will try to knock off the Chiefs on the road for the second consecutive time on Sunday. With Mahomes hobbling due to his high ankle sprain, the Bengals have to like their chances to advance to their second straight Super Bowl.

Philadelphia Eagles +260

The Eagles weren’t one of the preseason favorites to win this Super Bowl but they managed to finish with the best record in the league and have a chance to advance to their first Super Bowl since they won it all in 2018. The road to the Super Bowl won’t be easy with the 49ers in deck next.

San Francisco 49ers +300

The 49ers were one of the favorites to win the NFC, but injuries to their starting and backup quarterbacks led to some doubt. Their third string quarterback has proved to be more than capable to lead the team and their defense in playing at a very high level. They will face a tough test in Philadelphia on Sunday, but they have won their last 12 games and have to like their chances.