Super Bowl 2022 Online Betting LV 56 Wagering Sites

First of all, if you want to know how to bet on Superbowl 2022 online or where to bet on Super Bowl 2022, or who to bet on Super Bowl winner, you’ve come to the right place for Super Bowl online betting picks, predictions, sportsbook reviews, odds, and exclusive BSB bonus codes for Superbowl 56. Check it and bet it!

Betting Pros
Best Super Bowl Betting SiteSports Bets5/5

BetUS Sportsbook

BetUS SportsbookBet On Superbowl WinnerSuperBowl Online Betting

  • 150% Signup Bonus
  • Newest Sportsbook
  • US Players Welcome
Betting Super Bowl LV3.5/5

MyBookie Sportsbook

Super Bowl SportsbooksSuper Bowl Wagering

  • $1,000 Signup Bonus
  • Best Mobile
  • US Players Welcome
Tops Super bowl 2022 Wagering Site2.5/5

GT BETS Sportsbook

SuperBowl 2022 Internet WageringWhere Bet on Superbowl

  • 150% Signup Bonus
  • Live Super Bowl Betting
  • NOT All US Players Accepted (See list below)
Top Superbowl Wagering Site2.5/5

BetNOW Sportsbook

SuperBowl LV Internet BettingWhere Bet on SuperbowlSuperBowl 2022 Online Betting

  • 50% Signup Bonus
  • Super Bowl Prop Bets
  • US Players Welcome

Super Bowl Online Betting

Above all, the listed online sportsbooks are the best Super Bowl 2022 online betting sites for players from the USA and Canada. In terms of which U.S. States are banned by GT Bets & Bovada: Arkansas, Delaware, District of Columbia, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Nevada, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Washington, and West Virginia. If you are looking to place Super Bowl bets online then play with the best in 2022! Enjoy these Super Bowl online betting picks.

Furthermore, here we have listed our favorite online sportsooks to bet on the Super Bowl at for 2022 Super Bowl Online Betting. Certainly from the Bovada Sportsbook to the MyBookie and BetOnline Sportsbooks, our top online sportsbook reviews for Super Bowl betting will help you with your betting decisions for Super Bowl 2022.

Super Bowl Online Betting
You think she is hot, wait until you see our Super Bowl betting bonuses from our top online sportsbooks for players in the U.S. and Canada.

Bet on the Super Bowl LV

  • Where is the Super Bowl?: SoFi Stadium, Inglewood, California
  • When is the Super Bowl?: Sunday February 6th, 2022
  • When Does the Super Bowl Start?: 6:30 PM EST
  • Super Bowl Halftime Show 2022: The Weeknd
  • Who is playing in the Super Bowl?: Kansas City Chiefs at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Who is the Super Bowl betting favorite?: The Kansas City Chiefs are -3 Point Super Bowl 2022 favorites over the +3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Betting on the Super Bowl

Super Sunday is just around the corner. The halftime show Super Bowl 2022 will have The Weeknd, not Taylor Swift as per rumors. For the reason that to get you prepared to bet on SuperBowl we have put together the above wagering how-to guide with information on betting on the Super Bowl.

Furthermore, the first Sunday of February every year is one of the most anticipated days of the year. For the reason that whether you follow the NFL or sports in general chances are you will be sitting around a television come February 2nd with friends and family to take part in the festivities that surround the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Prop Bets & Odds

Similarly, if you like to bet on super bowl 2022 prop bets then you will love all the prop bets that come with the Super Bowl. While, from Super Bowl online betting on the coin toss, to length of the national anthem. Also, to the color of the gatorade there is almost nothing that you cannot bet on during the Super Bowl. As a result, the Bovada sportsbook typically has the biggest selection of Super Bowl prop bets and odds every year with 150+ bets including whether or not there will be a nip-slip again. That being said, we do not suggest wagering on that. Do you agree?

Bet On Super Bowl Winner 2022

Therefore, if you want to bet on Superbowl winner then that is most likely going to be the Pats. The main bets like the Point Spread and Moneyline bet are obviously the biggest bets wagered on during the Super Bowl. However, second-half and in-game betting has also gained favor in American among Superbowl bettors. Also, you can bet on Super Bowl winner here. View these and more below.

Super Bowl 56 – Odds to Win

Below is a list of current Super Bowl 56 betting odds to win for Sunday, Feb 6th, 2022 for Super Bowl online betting:

  • Kansas City Chiefs -160 Betting Odds
  • San Francisco 49ers NA Betting Odds
  • New England Patriots NA Wagering Line
  • Los Angeles Rams NA Wagering Line
  • Los Angeles Chargers NA Betting Odds
  • New Orleans Saints NA Wagering Line
  • Indianapolis Colts NA Betting Odds
  • Chicago Bears NA Betting Odds
  • Pittsburgh Steelers NA Wagering Line
  • Green Bay Packers NA Betting Odds
  • Minnesota Vikings NA Wagering Line
  • Dallas Cowboys NA Betting Odds
  • Philadelphia Eagles NA Wagering Line
  • Atlanta Falcons NA Betting Odds
  • Cleveland Browns NA Betting Odds
  • Houston Texans NA Wagering Line
  • Seattle Seahawks NA Betting Odds
  • Baltimore Ravens NA Wagering Line
  • Carolina Panthers NA Betting Odds
  • Jacksonville Jaguars NA Wagering Line
  • New York Giants NA Betting Odds
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +144 Wagering Line
  • Tennessee Titans NA Betting Odds
  • Arizona Cardinals NA Wagering Line
  • Buffalo Bills NA Betting Odds
  • Cincinnati Bengals NA Wagering Line
  • Denver Broncos NA Betting Odds
  • Detroit Lions NA Wagering Line
  • New York Jets NA Betting Odds
  • Las Vegas Raiders NA Wagering Line
  • Washington Football Team (Redskins) NA Betting Odds
  • Miami Dolphins NA Wagering Line

Live NFL Odds

Rather, NFL odds keep changing with news of injury reports and strategy changes. After this weekend’s games they will change again. Furthermore, it is important to keep an eye on live NFL odds at different sports betting sites so you can hedge your bets if need be.

NFC Conference Championship Odds

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +144

AFC Conference Championship Odds

  • Kansas City Chiefs -160

Therefore, continue to check back here early and often for line changes so you can stay on top of current NFL wagering odds. If you plan to bet on the Super Bowl it is probably best to make your wager immediately after the teams are announced, and then double-up the day of the Super Bowl to hedge your bets if the line moves.

Underdog Teams From the NFL That Were Poised to Win Super Bowl 56 2022

Sports books often list NFL teams with betting odds that help distinguish which teams are a favorite to win Super Bowl 56 or SuperBowl LV. This year, the Chiefs, 49ers and Ravens were all favorites to make it to the Super Bowl. Although favorites typically come through and win, there have been instances of Wild Card teams pulling through and winning the Lombardi trophy. Here’s a short list of underdog teams that we originally thought would win Super Bowl LV but failed to. Will we see this again for this Super Bowl online betting season?

Seattle Seahawks

Rather, Seattle Seahawks are one of the most efficient football teams in the NFL. The Seahawks feature a stingy defense alongside an offense that seems to get first downs whenever they need them. The Seahawks are longshots at 22/1, however, they could be able to get a favorable matchup in the playoffs and potentially make it to the Super Bowl 2022.

New Orleans Saints

Also, all of the right things had to happen in order for the New Orleans Saints to make it into the playoffs and they did for the first time since they made it to the Super Bowl in long ago. In contrast, currently online sports betting sites have Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints at +10/1 betting odds to win Super Bowl 2022.

How to Bet On Super Bowl 2022

Furthermore, it’s time to learn how to wager. One of the biggest reasons people come to our site is to get help with learning how to bet on the Super Bowl online. With Super Bowl 56 just around the corner we are getting an influx of e-mails all asking the same thing, How can I bet on the Super Bowl online? so that is why the above post was created. Firstly, you need to decide on a sportsbook that accepts players from either the U.S. or Canada. Furthermore, this depends on where you live. Secondly, you need to get out your credit card so that you can fund your betting account. Note, you can also use Bitcoin. Above all, once you have money in your sportsbook account you basically just point and shoot.

If you want to bet on your team covering a point spread you click on View Point Spreads. Also, if you want to just bet straight up on a win or loss on your team for the Super Bowl then just view Moneyline odds. Also, it’s as simple as that so if you want to learn more tips and tricks for betting on Super Bowl 2022 then continue to check back here leading up to the big day. Looking to bet on Super Bowl winner 2022?

Bet On SuperBowl

In conclusion, whether you’re one of those bettors that calls it the Superbowl or Super Bowl, we can all agree that it’s one of the best times of the year. Super Bowl online betting is the ultimate betting event when it comes to sports. Above all, Superbowl 2022 is going to be here quicker than you think. Also, there are already some upsets in the making. After a rough start to the New England Patriots season they are no longer Superbowl 2022 betting favorites. Then you have the Kansas City Chiefs who are undefeated after 4 weeks of NFL.

Also, the best odds for the Superbowl are always posted before the start of the playoffs with the greatest return. If you wait until the start of the playoffs or the actual Super Bowl game, you’re payout won’t be as large and that’s why all the top handicappers typically place their futures wagers on the Chiefs in the month of November and then either double-down or hedge their bets once the NFL playoffs start, for instance. Check back soon for Super Bowl online betting picks. Can the Buccaneers do it?

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Bet Super Bowl 2021 Today

It’s time to bet Super Bowl 2021 today! Are you ready? One of the biggest changes to this year’s Super Bowl is the NFL’s sanctions on in-person attendance. Each year, football fans from around the world descend on the Super Bowl to check off one of the top items on their bucket list. Given the fact that many would be attendees will be barred from going to the game, one must ask if this could increase the betting pools for Super Bowl 2021. Another important factor is how not having a crowd will impact the game.

Less Pressure for Players?

How many times have we seen a Super Bowl in recent memory come down to the last play? When you are betting on the Super Bowl, you have to factor in the ability of a team to convert the first down, get the touchdown or kick the field goal in high pressure situations. With the NFL opting to go the limited attendance route, couldn’t this impact the flow of the game? Couldn’t it be less stressful for a kicker to make a long field goal without the cheers and jeers of the crowd?

How to Bet Super Bowl 2021 Today

Bet Super Bowl 2021 Today

COVID Protocols

Think about all of the shenanigans you hear about coming from players leading up to the Super Bowl. Add a pandemic into the mix and you’ve introduced an entirely different set of potential problems. Unfortunately, it’s becoming common for NFL players and staff to miss game time due to the virus. Could the virus take a player or coach out of the big game while they receive medical treatment?

More People Betting?

The Super Bowl is the most wagered upon event each year. Given the fact that many sports fans haven’t been able to attend the big game, could they perhaps opt to bet online instead of spending their recreational dollars at the big game? Year after year, the Super Bowl continues to break wagering records. Could Super Bowl 2021 offer sports bettors additional value?

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Super Bowl Betting Online

Tomorrow is upon us. Today, we take a last look at Super Bowl betting online picks. Also, we will preview our favorite Super Bowl 2021 bets to place. Without further delay, lets examine current picks to bet on Super Bowl 2021.

On Monday, the Kansas City Chiefs announced that they placed Demarcus Robinson and Daniel Kilgore on the reserve/COVID-19 list due to close contact, making it the first coronavirus-related issues ahead of Sunday’s Super Bowl.

“The NFL has done a great job with it, presenting different safety things for the players to stay as safe as possible,” Chiefs coach Andy Reid said Monday. “We’ve been hammering this point home forever. The problem is you’re fighting the invisible man. It just gets you when least expected, and we’re seeing that in everything. It’s an unfortunate thing.”

Super Bowl Betting Online 2021

Super Bowl Betting Online 2021

Robinson had a career year this season, he had 45 receptions for 466 yards and three touchdowns. However, he hasn’t seen a lot of action in the playoffs, and has 14 receiving yards on one catch. Kilgore is the team’s backup center, and appeared in seven games during the regular season. Even though the Super Bowl is only a few days away, both men could rejoin the team and play on Sunday if they have five consecutive days of negative tests.

“These guys were being as safe as they could be,” Reid said, “and we’ll just see how it goes. But the league has built-in rules and regulations, so we follow those, and it’ll all work out. It’ll all work out for them when it’s all said and done.”

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Super Bowl Predictions 2021

Happy Friday! Ready for some Super Bowl predictions 2021 for Sunday’s big game? Ready or not, it’s coming!

Prop bets are very popular with bettors during the Super Bowl because if offers hundreds of opportunities to place different types of bets on the game. Exotic prop bets, which don’t have much to do about the game itself, are also very popular. Some of the exotic props for Super Bowl LV include:

What Color Liquid Will Be Poured On The Game-Winning Coach?

Winner Odds
Orange +150
Red +225
Lime/Green/Yellow +275
Clear/Water +700
Blue +800
Purple +1000

Who Will The Super Bowl 55 MVP Mention First In His Speech?

Winner Odds
Teammates -120
God +200
Family or Family Members +550
City +650
Coach +1000
Owner +1600
Does Not Mention Any of the Above +1000

Will A Fan Run Onto The Field During The Game?

Winner Odds
Yes +600
No -1200

Betting on Super Bowl Predictions 2021

Betting Super Bowl Predictions 2021

Will Any Player Propose To His Girlfriend On The Field After The Game?

Winner Odds
Yes +450
No -850

What Will Happen To The Price Of Bitcoin During The Super Bowl?

Winner Odds
Price of Bitcoin goes up -145
Price of Bitcoin goes down +105

Will Any Player Be Ejected For Throwing A Punch Or Fighting?

Winner Odds
Yes +750
No -2000

Will Either Kicker Hit The Upright Or Crossbar On A Missed Field-Goal Or Extra-Point Attempt?

Winner Odds
Yes +325
No -550

What Will Happen First In The Game?

Winner Odds
Sack +110
Touchdown -150

How Many Times Will Joe Biden Be Mentioned?

Winner Odds
OVER 1 Time +190
UNDER 1 Time -290

How Many Times Will Roger Goodell Be Shown?

Winner Odds
OVER 1.5 Times -120
UNDER 1.5 Times -120

What Will Be Mentioned First?

Winner Odds
Tom Brady’s 10th Super Bowl -150
Tom Brady’s Age (43) +110

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Tom Brady Retirement if He Wins Super Bowl?

What’s the word on a Tom Brady retirement if he wins? Not likely.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady is getting ready to play in his 10th Super Bowl this week. He will have played in 18% of Super Bowls. Crazy. Absurd. In the past, the future Hall of Famer has said he would like to play until he is 45-years-old. This week, the 43-year-old was asked if he is open to playing beyond that. Everyone is wondering.

“Definitely. I’d definitely consider that,” Brady said Monday. “It’s a physical sport. Just the perspective I have on that is you never know when that moment is. Just because it’s a contact sport. There’s a lot of training that goes into it. And it has to be 100% commitment from myself to keep doing it.”

Unlike other quarterbacks like Peyton Manning and Drew Brees, who showed signs of obvious decline in their final seasons. Brady had one of the best statistical seasons in his career and probably could play until he is 45. However, if he wins his seventh Super Bowl, will he have the drive to continue playing?

Updated News Tom Brady Retirement After Super Bowl 2021

Tom Brady Retirement Super Bowl

Brady is known for his discipline and work ethic and takes excellent care of his body. He also still has a year left on the two-year, $50 million contract he signed with the Bucs during the offseason, which provides him with extra incentive to come back next season.

However, most athletes dream of retiring after winning a championship, and with no guarantees they will be back in the Super Bowl next season, don’t be surprised if Brady decides to call it quits if the Bucs win the Super Bowl.

With Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs looking like the team to beat in the league for the next few years, and Brady already breaking most quarterback stats in the league, the veteran quarterback should consider retiring after the season instead of waiting until when his skills are visibly declining.

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Best Super Bowl LV Props

The Super Bowl is just around the corner. Today we list the very best Super Bowl LV props and highest payouts. The Super Bowl is only a few days away and as expected, millions of people are going to place bets on the game. For those who don’t want to bet only on the outcome of the game, there are plenty of prop bets to choose from and we’ve gone through them to find the best value for you.

1. Tyreek Hill total receiving yards (Over 93.5) -115

Tyreek Hill has been a beast during the playoffs and is averaging 141 receiving yards per game in the playoffs. His speed makes him hard to guard, which the Buccaneers experienced when they played the Chiefs in Week 12. Hill has a career-game against the Bucs, finishing with 269 yard and three touchdowns. Even though the Bucs will make adjustments to how they guard him, expect Hill to go over 100 yards in this game.

2. Team to record first sack (Tampa Bay)

This might look strange considering the fact that Patrick Mahomes has been sacked once in the playoffs. But, the team lost their starting right tackle in the AFC Championship Game and their other tackle is also not going to play. The Bucs sacked Mahomes twice the last time they played and got to Aaron Rodgers five times in the NFC Championship Game. With their defensive line playing well at the moment, the Bucs are likely going to get the first sack.

2021 Best Super Bowl LV Props Odds

Best Super Bowl LV Props

3. Will both teams lead in the first half? (Yes) +105

The Chiefs and Bucs were two of the best offensive teams in the league, so scoring won’t be a problem. This prop makes a lot of sense, especially early in the first half, because one of the teams will have to settle for a field goal and the other team will score a touchdown to retake the lead.

4. Tom Brady’s first pass will be? Complete -180

I like this prop because Brady has been to the Super Bowl so many times, he won’t be rattled by the magnitude of the game. He has also completed his first passing attempt in three of their last four games, and in their last two games, making it worth the risk.

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Biggest Super Bowl Bet Placed On Buccaneers

Want to know what the biggest Super Bowl bet is so far? The Tampa Bay Buccaneers went from missing the playoffs last season to playing in the Super Bowl this year, thanks to the addition of Tom Brady, who will be making his 10th Super Bowl appearance on Sunday.

While the bookmakers and bettors favor the Kansas City Chiefs to win the Super Bowl, with the odds currently at KC -3 and the moneyline at KC -165, someone placed the biggest wager sportsbooks have seen so far, betting $2,300,000 on the Buccaneers for a payout of $2 milion.

The wager dwarfs all the Super Bowl bets that have been made so far, but with a few days left before the game, expect to see more big bets.

2021 Biggest Super Bowl Bet on Bucs

Biggest Super Bowl Bet 2021

Biggest bets on Super Bowl LV:

Amount               To Win                 Bet                                       Sportsbook            Date

$2,300,000           $2,000,000           Buccaneers +3.5 (-115)  BetMGM             Jan. 28

$180,000              $100,000              Chiefs ML (-180)               BetMGM             Jan. 24

$120,000              $100,000              Chiefs -3 (-120)               William Hill            Jan. 24

$115,000              $100,000              Chiefs -3 (-115)               BetMGM               Jan. 25

$110,000              $100,000              Chiefs -3 (-110)               BetMGM               Jan. 24

$100,000              $60,606 Chiefs ML (-165)               William Hill          Jan. 31

$98,550 $59,727 Chiefs ML (-165)               William Hill          Jan. 25

$50,000 $73,000 Buccaneers ML (+146)   FanDuel               Jan. 25

A lot of the best coming in are on the Chiefs, but the big bet on the Buccaneers is more than the next seven bets combined.

When people see big bets on games, they assume the bettor is a sharp, but that isn’t always the case, so don’t place your bet based on what someone else did.

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