History of Super Bowl

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History of Super Bowl
The history of Super Bowl betting predates the flashy Vegas bookmakers because the lines makers preferred to work out of lounges and bars. It wouldn’t be uncommon to walk into the backroom of a bar and see a poker game being played and a chalk board with sports betting jargon written all over it. While this may be the history of Super Bowl betting, the future of Super Bowl betting is at Bovada.lv.

History Super Bowl

In years past, you had to fly out to Las Vegas and make a futures bet with little or no knowledge of the upcoming NFL season. If the team you picked to win the Super Bowl loses their first 2 or 3 games, you can’t just call up the casino and place another bet. Unless you resort to a local bookie that may or may not pay you, your best option is to get an account at Bovada.lv and place bets the easy way. Bovada.lv has never missed a payout and they are open to accepting new US based clients. In addition to being the most reliable online sports book in the world, Bovada.lv gives its patrons the best odds and provides live in-game betting for the Super Bowl. If you are going to bet on the Super Bowl, bet at Bovada.lv for Super Bowl 2013 and all your NFL betting online picks and predictions.

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