Super Bowl Wagering Lines

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Today we will be taking an early look at Super Bowl wagering lines for Super Bowl 2013. If you are looking to place some Super Bowl bets for Super Bowl XLVII then get a paper and a pencil to take some wagering tips down. Super Bowl betting is easy unless you get overwhelmed with superbowl prop bets. Over recent days we have been getting a lot of players searching for answers to questions like the below so we have decided to answer them here:

When is Super Bowl 2013?
Which Super Bowl is it?

The quick answer is, Super Bowl 2013 will kickoff on Sunday, February 3rd, 2013 from New Orleans at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome where the New Orleans Saints play. This will be Super Bowl XLVII which is the 47th Super Bowl in Super Bowl history.

It can be tough to bet on Super Bowl Wagering Lines because the wise guys who set the lines have plenty of time to crunch the numbers and come up with the ideal line. Did you know that during both Super Bowl’s between the Patriots and Giants, the house significantly lost more money by people betting on the Giants to win as opposed to the Patriots and their 4 point edge. It can be tough to be on the super bowl because both teams are probably the best two teams in the league and either team could beat the other on any given day.

Super Bowl Wagering Lines

Betting on the 2013 Super Bowl points spread can be tricky, especially if two defensive minded teams make it to the big game. Traditionally, the favorite in a Super Bowl 47 game is between 2 and a half to 4 and half point favorites. As you may know, in the Super Bowl, this is anyone’s game and the team that takes the most chances and leaves it all out there on the field may be the team that wins the game by a wide margin. The perfect example of this would be when the Saints won the Super Bowl. Without using trickery on special teams, would the Saints have a Super Bowl? Would the Saints have beaten the spread in that game? When you make your Super Bowl Wagering Line predictions, take into account all facets of the game including special teams to ensure that your picks make sense.

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