Super Bowl XLVII Prop Bets

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With Super Bowl 47 just a week away we figured we would review some of the Super Bowl XLVII prop bets currently posted by the Bovada Sportsbook for Super Bowl online betting. When the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers meet on Sunday in Super Bowl XLVII, 35% of wagers made on the big game will be prop bets as per Sports Illustrated. In the NFL Championship game people do not only bet on who is going to win, but they want to bet on specific events like who will get the first 1st down of the game, who will win the coin toss, and what color the Gatorade will be when tossed on the winning Harbaugh.

Betting on the prop bets for the Super Bowl is a fun activity to add a little spice to your game day celebration. When you view the Super Bowl prop bets at sites like, you are able to bet on just about anything relating to the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Prop Bets

For example, you can bet on the coin flip being heads or tails, you can bet on the first team to score or you can bet on a number of individual player props. Many of these Super Bowl prop bets are based on team and individual stats, like Ray Lewis stats. These bets are often lucrative because the lines are typically set in order to entice action from the betting public. For example, a prop bet you might encounter could look like this:

Will Ray Lewis Get An Interception?

You would pick yes or no in this instance and depending on the odds given to you on your selection helps determine how you are paid. Betting on Super Bowl prop bets is easy and fun. We recommend that you only place Super Bowl prop bets on Bovada is America’s leading sports book and they have best odds and quickest payouts. You can’t go wrong when you use Bovada to book Super Bowl prop bets. Sign up for an account today so that you can begin locking in your bets immediately.

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