Cross Sports Super Bowl Betting Props

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Have you ever asked yourself or been asked, how to bet on sports online?, well you have come to the right site!

Did you know that Bovada is publishing lines that make the Super Bowl fun and interesting for viewers of all sports? Bovada is trying something new this year called Cross Sports Super Bowl Betting Props which will allow you to bet on the outcome of a different sport versus the outcome of something in the super bowl.

Here is an example prop bet posted at Bovada: What number will be higher? Total goals scored in the Red Wings vs. Capitals NHL hockey game versus the total number of receptions by Demaryius Thomas. Betting on sports can be fun, but can also be dangerous if you start to bet with your heart instead of your head. This is why we urge all would-bet Super Bowl online betting players to take a minute or two to do your research before placing your Super Bowl prop bets.

How to Bet Sports

These types of wagers are what separate Bovada from the rest of the sports books online. Bovada keeps coming up with innovative ways for you win money and their Cross Sports Super Bowl Betting Props is just another way that they keep their bettors happy.

Another cool bet that Bovada has is the historical prop bets. You can bet on the number of passing attempts by Peyton Manning in this Super Bowl compared to the number of attempts by John Elway in Super Bowl 32. Currently, the odds for this bet are heavily in favor of Peyton Manning as his betting odds are currently sitting at (-250). If you were to bet on John Elway’s numbers being higher, you would be rewarded with (+195) betting odds.

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