Denver Broncos Super Bowl Odds

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With the NFL regular season in the books many bettors are setting their sights on the playoff race to Super Bowl 2014. One of the early favorites for Superbowl 48 are the Denver Broncos. Many are asking What are the Denver Broncos betting odds to win Super Bowl?

Well, that is what we will be covering today. Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos have looked like one of the best teams in the NFL this season. Last year, the Broncos were upset in the playoffs by the eventual champions, the Baltimore Ravens. This year the Broncos look to do better than last year and go all the way to Super Bowl and hoist the trophy after the game is over. Online sports betting websites have the Broncos listed the 2nd overall favorites to the win the Super Bowl.

Superbowl Odds Denver Broncos

Many of these sports books have this bet listed under the futures portion of the sports book. The betting odds for the Broncos to win the Super Bowl in 2014 are currently sitting around 5/2, depending on which NFL betting website you are looking at.

The Broncos, led by veterans at all positions all over the field, should probably be the first overall favorites to win the Super Bowl. Picking the Broncos to win the Super Bowl would be a safe bet due to the fact that the Broncos will likely enjoy home field advantage and the organization is headed up by the likes of John Elway in the front office. The Broncos are certainly a good pick as far as value is concerned and sports betting websites will likely change these betting odds as the Super Bowl in New Jersey gets closer and closer.

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