Colts Super Bowl Prediction

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How likely is it for the Indianapolis Colts to break through and make it to the Super Bowl in 2015? The Indianapolis Colts are likely feeling ambivalent about their quarterback Andrew Luck. While they were awarded an opportunity to get the young quarterback, it must sting a little to know that Peyton Manning is still getting it done over in Denver with the Broncos. None the less, Luck has been successful in guiding the Colts into the playoffs and Super Bowl 49 could be full of surprises with the biggest one being the potential of an Indianapolis Colts team once again playing in the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Colts

The Colts finished the NFL season at 11-5. This record earned the Colts the AFC South division championship with the Texans finishing 2nd in the division. Currently the odds are not great for the Colts to win the Super Bowl. Some lines makers have the Colts futures odds sitting at 25/1. These odds are probably about right with the Colts needing to find ways to beat opponents that may have more talent than them on the field. None the less, analysts believe that Andrew Luck is a legit quarterback and many believe he could catalyst that one day gets this team over the hump and back into the Super Bowl.

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