Green Bay Packers Betting Lines

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Welcome to BSB, you’re go to destination for updated Super Bowl online betting odds between the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks. Today, Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson will go head-to-head in the NFC Championship game to be played at Quest Field, home of the 12th man.

The Green Bay Packers led by quarterback Aaron Rodgers is headed to the NFL playoffs as a 2 seed and the team looks to play a home game at historic Lambeau Field in the heart of January. The Packers are always dangerous in the playoffs and the team finished this season with a 11-5 record. The Packers will get the first round by in the NFL playoffs as they will likely face off against a worth opponent when the time comes near.

Packers Super Bowl Online Betting

The Packers dominated their division and won the NFC North crown outright. The Packers actually lost to the Seahawks by 20 points in Week 1 of the NFL season so that is a concern for the team. If you look at some of the wins in the later weeks of the season, it seems as if the Packers have finished the season out strong given the fact that their line up has endured injuries all throughout the season.

The Packers have a good chance to win out and represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. The Packers are historically good when they play at home in the playoffs and if the right things happen, they could even host an NFC championship game at Lambeau Field.

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