Past Super Bowl Records

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Have you ever wondered about obscure Super Bowl records. For example, last year’s Super Bowl was the first time that the first score in a game was a safety. A Super Bowl record you may not be familiar with is that the state of Florida has hosted the Super Bowl 15 times. Arizona is the site of this year’s Super Bowl and the state of Arizona has hosted the Super Bowl twice previously. The New England Patriots played in the Super Bowl the last time it was being held in Arizona and they ended up losing the game to the Giants.

Super Bowl Records

The last time the winner of the Super Bowl scored less than 20 points was coincidentally when the New England Patriots lost to the New York Giants at University of Phoenix Stadium back in Super Bowl 42. The Giants won the game by only accumulating 17 points. To find the next occurrence of a Super Bowl winner scoring less than 20 points, you’d have to go all the way back to Super Bowl 9 when the Steelers beat the Vikings 16-6. It’s highly unlikely that Super Bowl 49 will be a low scoring affair. If it ends up being a low scoring game, the result will be an anomaly when compared to other Super Bowl results.

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