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You all know what day it is, it’s Pro Bowl day! The NFL 2015 Pro Bowl takes place today and in a week the Super Bowl kicks off. If you want to get in on some Pro Bowl online betting odds then head over to the Top Bet Sportsbook now.

Super Bowl 49 will be played in the University of Phoenix Stadium on Sunday, February 1st 2015. Kick off will take place at 6:30PM EST. The main headline of this Super Bowl is the Seattle Seahawks returning as champions to defend their title against the New England Patriots. The Patriots have made several Super Bowl appearances in the past 12 years which has resulted in 3 Super Bowl championships. A potential new dynasty meets the old guard as these two NFL teams face off for the Lombardi trophy which is awarded to the winner of the Super Bowl. If you want to bet on Super Bowl XLIX please take a moment to review our Super Bowl 49 betting guide.

Pro Bowl Online Betting

The Super Bowl will be broadcast on NBC. If you are located outside of the United States, you may be able to find a Super Bowl stream being provided by the NFL. You could also check your local listings. Bill Belichick is the coach for the New England Patriots and he will interestingly be playing against Pete Carroll who is a former Patriots head coach. Carroll also won the collegiate national championship with USC before winning the Super Bowl with the Seattle Seahawks last year. Tom Brady will get the start at quarterback for the Patriots while Russell Wilson will start as quarterback for the Seahawks.

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