Super Bowl Futures Online Betting

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The Dallas Cowboys will go into Seattle next weekend to play the Seahawks. Do one of these two teams have the mustard to make it into Super Bowl 2015?

While Super Bowl 2015 won’t take place until early February, online bettors can get an early piece of the action by looking at the futures lines and picking out one or two teams to back. The advantage of picking an early Super Bowl 2015 winner and placing a wager on that team is that it may be possible to get better odds than if the wager was placed the week of the game. Of course, there are many more variables to consider when betting that far in advance – but the payoff could be worth it in the end.

Super Bowl Betting Futures

The key to making a smart Super Bowl online better futures wager is finding the right combination of talent and odds to make the wager worth the time and money. For example, the Seattle Seahawks betting odds to win Super Bowl 2015 might not be long enough to win very much money – even though they are a good team and have a real chance to repeat. At the same time, a team like the Oakland Raiders would offer huge odds that could mean a massive payday at the end of the season, except for the fact that they have almost zero chance of even making the playoffs, let alone winning Super Bowl XLIX.
Generally, the teams in the ‘middle of the pack’ make for the best choices in terms of futures Super Bowl online betting. Teams that have gotten off to an average start to the season, but have the potential or recent history to suggest they could turn it around, is where most bettors will focus their Super Bowl 2015 futures wagering attention.

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