Super Bowl Online Betting Strategy

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Happy New Year! From every one here at BSB we wish you a great 2015 and hope you are not too hungover to start it. In exactly one month we will have Super Bowl 2015 kickoff on Sunday, February 1st, 2015. To help you get prepared today we will be focusing on getting you ready with the below Super Bowl online betting strategy for players who are in need of a little help looking for a guide on how to bet on the Super Bowl online for Super Bowl 49.

Not surprisingly, the Super Bowl is one of the biggest days of the online betting year. As the most-watched sporting event every year, Super Bowl online betting is a big occasion with countless bets being placed on not only the outcome of the game, but also on many different Super Bowl prop bets. In order to come out on the positive side of the wagers, a bettor needs to not only have good fortune, but also some good strategy as well. Following are a few key strategy points to keep in mind.

Super Bowl Betting Guide

Get Action Early
The betting lines for the Super Bowl 2015 game itself are likely to change quite a bit in response to the bets that are taken in the two weeks prior to the game being played. The line that is available at game time for Super Bowl online betting might be much different than that which opened after the matchup was determined. Bettors who like a specific side based on the wagering line would be smart to place their Super Bowl XLIX bets early before the number moves too much.

Don’t Fall in Love with Super Bowl Prop Bets
There is nothing wrong with having a little fun by placing a couple Super Bowl prop bets, but wagering too much on these is a recipe for failure. Prop bets are notoriously hard to predict, and betting on the game itself is usually a better option.

Take the Defense
As evidenced by the most recent Super Bowl result with Seattle defeating Denver, it is often a wise strategy to favor the team with the best defense. With two weeks to prepare for the game and come up with a detailed strategy, the stronger defense is frequently able to overcome even a talented offense.

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