AFC Conference Championship Preview

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The AFC Conference Championship game is upon us and will kickoff next Sunday, January 24th, 2016 but the teams are yet to be determined. What does the future hold for the Pittsburgh Steelers, the New England Patiots, the Kansas City Chiefs and the Denver Broncos? Find out here in this week’s AFC Conference Championship game preview.

At this point in the NFL playoffs, we know that one of these four teams will represent the AFC in Super Bowl 50. If go by who the favorites are in the next two AFC Divisional games, you’ll notice that the Broncos and the Patriots are the favorites in each of their contests.

AFC Championship Preview

Could we see another Brady vs. Manning showdown for the right to play in Super Bowl 50? It could certainly shape up that way, given the landscape of the 2015-2016 NFL playoffs. Whether some fans would admit it or not, seeing another Brady vs. Manning confrontation will only add to the legacy of both quarterbacks, as each looks to win one more Super Bowl.

What about the underdogs? The Chiefs could certainly upset the Patriots and the Steelers are a talented team that can win on any given Sunday. The Chiefs playing the Steelers would be an interesting matchup. The balanced attack of Kansas City could prove to be the real wild card in the AFC race, otherwise, we’ll likely see the Patiots or the Broncos represent the AFC in Super Bowl 50.

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