AFC East NFL Playoffs

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The AFC East will be an interesting division to follow in the 2015-2016 NFL season due to the fact that it more probable than not that Tom Brady, quarterback of the Patriots, will sit out a few games this season. With the potential absence of Tom Brady, the division could open up and the Dolphins, Bills and Jets could have a real shot at stealing the division.

As far as betting odds are concerned, the New England Patriots are being priced at –185 to win the division. The Dolphins are picked to finish 2nd in the division, as they are getting +330 odds to win the AFC East. The Bills round out the top 3 as they are getting +425 while the Jets are being priced at +800 to win the AFC East and a chance at Super Bowl 2016.

AFC NFL Playoffs

By winning the division, a team is automatically guaranteed a home playoff game. Winning the division is often a head coaches number 1 goal for its team as it gives them the chance to compete for the Super Bowl. The winner of the AFC East conference could be the team that goes on to win the Lombardi trophy at the end of the season. Can the New England Patriots repeat as champions?

If you plan to bet on Super Bowl 2016 then we like who is likely to come out of the AFC East division for this playoff run.

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  1. Jordie

    Patriots win the division and make it to the Super Bowl but won”t win it this time.

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