Cam Newton Could Win MVP

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The Carolina Panthers have had a great season thus far and Cam Newton winning the MVP would just be icing on the cake. Do you think Cam Newton should be voted as the NFL regular season MVP for the 2015-16 season? Cam Newton is a nice guy, he should win, no? The NFL voting is currently underway.

Cam Newton is on pace to win the NFL’s MVP award. Did you know that Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers are currently the top seeded team in the NFL playoffs? The Panthers have finished the NFL season with the best overall record, which gives the Panthers one of the best chances of winning the Super Bowl.

With all of this said, none of it could be possible without the Panthers starting quarterback Cam Newton. Cam Newton is a winner. Newton has secured a collegiate national championship with Auburn; Could he go on to win the NFL’s championship?

Cam Newton MVP

Regardless of how the Panthers finish the NFL season, Cam Newton likely has the MVP award locked up. No other player has come close to Newton’s production on the field. Without Newton, the Panthers would not be the same team, which clearly means that Cam is one of the most valuable players in the league.

The Panthers are currently getting 4/1 betting odds to win the Super Bowl. The Panthers will have a difficult path to the Super Bowl, considering the fact that the Seahawks and Packers will be vying for the NFC’s Super Bowl berth. If the Panthers win the Super Bowl, Cam Newton could get the rare honor of being regular season MVP and Super Bowl MVP.

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