Fun Facts About Super Bowl 50

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Yes, it’s fun watching the Super Bowl and rooting for the team you bet on but the Super Bowl isn’t just for bettors. Today we will be covering some random fun facts about SuperBowl 50 as we prepare for Super Bowl 2016.

Did you know that Super Bowl 50 will be the first Super Bowl held in California since the early 90s? Although Levi’s Stadium near San Francisco will play host to Super Bowl 50, the last Super Bowl to be held in California was held at the Rose Bowl in 1993. What’s weird is that the Rose Bowl has hosted several Super Bowls despite never being the home stadium for an NFL team.

Super Bowl 50’s site heavily debated until the 11th hour back in 2012. The Miami Dolphins tried to bring the Super Bowl to their home stadium in South Florida although that bid was ultimately unsuccessful. That means that this year’s Super Bowl will take place on February 7th 2016 with CBS getting the international broadcasting rights to the event. Wikipedia says that the cost of a 30 second commercial during this years Super Bowl will be $5M dollars.

Superbowl 50 Facts

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell mentioned that the league would do everything in its power to make the 50th Super Bowl a spectacular event for both the fans and the teams involved in playing the game. It should be noted that Levi’s Stadium, which was completed in 2014, was a 1.2 billion dollar construction and the venue has already played host to several important cultural events such as WWE’s Wrestlemania.

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