Green Bay Packers Super Bowl 50 Chances

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Many NFL punters counted the Green Bay Packers out early this regular season but nobody could have predicted them winning Super Bowl 50. Today we will be looking at the Green Bay Packers Super Bowl betting chances at online sportsbooks.

The Green Bay Packers are led by quarterback Aaron Rodgers and the team will likely win the NFC North division championship.

Because of this, the Packers will be able to host a home playoff game, which could provide an advantage over a wild card team that has progressed into the playoffs. The Packers rarely lose playoff games at Lambeau Field, meaning the Packers could be poised for a deep playoff run in the 2015-2016 NFL season.

Packers Super Bowl Betting Chances

Could the Packers win the NFC conference championship and appear in the Super Bowl? The odds of this happening may be more likely than you’d think. Did you know that online sports betting websites are currently listing Packers at 12/1 betting odds to win the Super Bowl.

These odds may be more favorable than you’d think, considering the fact that the Packers have certainly had their ups and downs this season. Nevertheless, the Packers are finishing the season strong with impressive victories over their opponents.

Aaron Rodgers has had new targets step up throughout the year, such as Richard Rodgers, who has helped the team win several games this season. The Packers could peak at the right time and win the Lombardi trophy this year at Super Bowl 50.

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