Possible Super Bowl 50 Matchups

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Today we will review possible Super Bowl 50 matchups along with Super Bowl betting odds online for each potential matchup. Super Bowl 50 provides numerous potential matchups that provide exciting possibilities for fans all around the league.

Super Bowl 50 will be played on February 7th 2016 at Levi’s Stadium in the San Francisco Bay area. Here are our top 3 potential Super Bowl 50 matchups and our top rated Super Bowl 2016 betting predictions.

New England Patriots vs. Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks could be looking for redemption against the Patriots, considering the fact that each team played each other in last year’s Super Bowl. With the Patriots being a 7/2 favorite to win the Super Bowl and the Seahawks being 6/1, it is entirely possible that these two teams could face off against each other in an epic showdown.

Super Bowl 50 Predictions

New England Patriots vs. Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers are likely to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl, given the fact that the team will likely finish the season with the NFC’s best record. The Panthers have enjoyed one of their best seasons ever as a franchise. Could the team top off their regular season record with a win in the Super Bowl against the Patriots?

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Carolina Panthers

The Panthers are the team to beat in the NFC. In the AFC, the Steelers and the Patriots are two of the best teams. If the Patriots stumble, the Steelers will be there to potentially run the table and win another Super Bowl title. That won’t happen, if Cam Newton has anything to say about it.

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