Rookies That Help Teams Reach the Super Bowl

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The NFL playoffs are a special time although some of the strangest moments happen during the NFL playoffs as teams prepare their Super Bowl runs. Great regular season players often fold under the pressure and random relatively unknown players breakthrough and become stars. Some of these players that you may have never heard of are rookies.

Every year, a new crop of talent transcends from college into the NFL. Some rookies are able to help their teams achieve the ultimate goal: A Super Bowl championship. Let’s a take a look at a few rookies that could catapult their teams into the big game.

David Johnson with the Arizona Cardinals is an all purpose running back that has certainly exceeded his expectations. Since Johnson has begun working with the first team offense, he has been able to run the ball and catch passes like a veteran running back. David Johnson could help the Cardinals win the Super Bowl this year given the fact that he has become the centerpiece of the Cardinals offense. The Arizona Cardinals getting 5/1 betting odds to win the Super Bowl in 2015/2016.

Rookies Super Bowl 2016

Tyler Lockett is a wide receiver with the Seattle Seahawks. The rookie has been able to make an immediate impact down the field by being able to field catches on key plays. Although the Seahawks have dealt with injuries down the stretch, contributions by Lockett have helped the team keep their winning ways down the stretch of the NFL season. The Seattle Seahawks are getting 6/1 betting odds from various sports books found online.

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