Super Bowl Betting Odds for New York Jets

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Do the New York Jets have a fighting chance at making it to Super Bowl 50? Today we will review Super Bowl online betting odds for the New York Jets as we prepare for the NFL playoffs.

The New York Jets have an opportunity to control their own destiny as the team goes into the final weeks of the season. If the Jets do win out, what are the chances of the Jets winning the rest of the football games and playing against the NFC conference champion in the Super Bowl?

The Jets were apart of a controversial overtime coin flip debacle. In Week 16 of the NFL season against the Patriots, there was some confusion at the coin flip when the game went into overtime. The miscommunication meant that the Patriots won the coin flip but deferred the football to the Jets offense. This is obviously a disadvantage for the Patriots, given the fact that the Jets could score and win the game.

Super Bowl Betting Odds NY Jets

That’s exactly what happened and the Jets are now poised to get into the NFL playoffs as a wild card team. Wide receiver Brandon Marshall is leading the Jets in receptions and his efficiency has helped the team become a contender for the Super Bowl.

Online betting websites have the Jets listed as an 80/1 long shot to win the Super Bowl. If the Jets can win their last game, their Wild Card game and the divisional game, the Jets could prove to be a favorite to win the Super Bowl trophy.

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