NFL Wild Card Weekend Raiders vs. Texans

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Before quarterback Derek Carr was sidelined with a season ending leg injury, most analysts would have picked the Raiders to defeat the Texans in Houston on Wild Card Weekend.

The Raiders played the Texans earlier in the season in which they won by a single touchdown. Raiders quarterback Matt McGloin didn’t look impressive in his Week 17 matchup. That being said, the Texan’s quarterback Tom Savage didn’t look good either. In fact, he left the game due to the concussion protocol and Brock Osweiler was brought in to relieve him.

NFL Wild Card Weekend Raiders vs Texans

For what it’s worth, Osweiler looked better than Savage against the Titans in Week 17. This game is an interesting matchup because it is entirely possible that both teams will struggle on offense. This game features one of the lowest point totals of any of the Wild Card weekend games at 36.5. The Texans are being given a 3.5 point advantage in point spread betting.

Most experts believe that the winner of this game will not win their next game. Most online sportsbooks have this line open now, so jump in and lock in your bet to get the current odds just incase they change before kickoff.

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