Bill Belichick Compliments Eagles Defensive Coordinator Ahead Of Superbowl

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The New England Patriots will be the favorites when they face the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl on Sunday, but Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is not expecting an easy contest thanks to the Eagles defense, which has been very good during their playoff run.

Belichick complimented defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz for how well the Eagles have played on the defensive end this season.

“I can’t say enough good things about Jim Schwartz,” Belichick said Monday at Super Bowl LII Opening Night. “He’s one of the smartest people I know. … He’s a really talented person. Look, I couldn’t say a bad thing about Jim Schwartz.”

Belichick also revealed that he tried to lure Schwartz to the Patriots before the start of New England’s dynasty when the Eagles defensive coordinator was still with the Tennessee Titans. The Patriots coach added that he thought Schwartz did a great job while coaching the Detroit Lions.

2018 Eagles Defense Schwartz

“But he did a good job in Detroit,” Belichick added. “He did a good job in Buffalo, and he’s a good, good football coach. He started off in personnel, so he has a good understanding of player personnel, player development, those kind of things. I have a ton of respect for Schwartzy, he’s one of the best guys I’ve worked with.”

Schwartz apparently feels the same way about Belichick because he complimented him right after becoming the head coach of the Lions.

“I owe just about my whole NFL career to him,” Schwartz told reporters upon his hiring as Lions coach in 2010. “He taught a lot of people [in Cleveland]. There were a lot of head coaches that were in that building just starting their careers.”

With Schwartz going up against his mentor on Sunday in the Superbowl, will the student be able to defeat his former teacher and lead his team to their first SuperBowl win?

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