Brady Says Injured Hand Won’t Hinder Him In Super Bowl

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Hand injury, what hand injury? Before American and Canadian bettors all over North America sit down to lay their 2018 Super Bowl bets many of them want to know the status of Tom Brady’s hand injury before picking between the Eagles and Patriots.

Before the New England Patriots played the Jacksonville Jaguars in the AFC Championship Game, the thoughts of all Patriots fans were with Tom Brady, who injured his throwing hand during practice.

Since the injury required 12 stitches, there were a lot of Patriots fans worried that their quarterback won’t be able to throw the ball well with the hand.

Brady also didn’t help matters when he showed up at his media session before the AFC Championship Game wearing gloves to cover his injured hand.

Brady Injury Superbowl Status

Fortunately for the Patriots and their fans, Brady’s hand was healthy enough to lead the Patriots to a comeback win over the Jaguars and secure the team’s 10th Super Bowl appearance.

Brady finished the game completing 26 of 38 passes for 290 yards and two touchdowns.

Now that Brady has had an extra week to let the hand heal, reporters asked him how the hand was feeling and if it will affect his performance in the Super Bowl.

“My hand, it’s getting better,” Brady said. “It’s not quite where I want it to be. So I’m just trying to protect it the best way I can. It’s obviously a very important part of my body for a quarterback, so I just want it to be as healthy as possible for the game on Sunday.

“Under Armour just made it for me. It’s a great glove. It’s got a lot of recovery in it, and that’s what I need.”

Even though some might wonder how a glove will help Brady’s hand recover from the injury, it is hard to argue with Brady when it comes to how he gets himself ready for the game when he has five Super Bowl rings.

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