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The New England Patriots have dominated the NFL for the past two decades and over the years, they have had some really good teams, which is why they have eight Super Bowl appearances in 18 years. With the team back in the Super Bowl this Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles, it’s time to rank their five Super Bowl winning teams and compare them to the 2018 New England Patriots.

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5. 2001 Patriots
This was the first Patriots team to win the Super Bowl, but it was also their worst because of the talent level on the team. Tom Brady, who was at the beginning of his Hall of Fame career, was nothing more than a game-manager at that point in his career, and was fortunate to have Adam Vinatieri bail him out.

4. 2003 Patriots
This team finished the regular season 14-2 and Brady was starting to come into his own as a quarterback after a disappointing 9-7 season the previous year. They would go on to defeat a Carolina Panthers team that finished the previous year 1-15, thanks to another Adam Vinatieri game-winning field goal.

3. 2014 Patriots
The Patriots ended up defeating the defending champion Seahawks, preventing them winning the Super Bowl in consecutive years. Even though they didn’t need have Vinatieri to bail them out of this game, they still got a little lucky at the end after the Seahawks decided to throw the ball instead of running it at the one yard line, which resulted in a game ending interception by Malcolm Butler.

2. 2016 Patriots
The Patriots pulled off the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history against the Atlanta Falcons, but they weren’t the best Patriots to win the Super Bowl. They finished the season 14-2, and had the top seed in the playoffs, but their offense helped hide the fact that their defense wasn’t as good.

1. 2004 Patriots
This is without a doubt their greatest Super Bowl team. The Patriots followed up a Super Bowl winning campaign the previous year by winning another one, giving them three titles in four years and establishing their dynasty.

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