Superbowl Matchup We Would Like To See

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With the 2018 NFL playoffs starting, 12 teams will be playing for a chance to win the Super Bowl, but only one team in each conference will be able to play in the big game.

If all things were equal, the teams with the best record in each conference will play in the Super Bowl, but since life doesn’t work like that, we decided to discuss the possibility of what would be the greatest Super Bowl matchup ever, a game between the New England Patriots and New Orleans Saints. Even though this may not be the matchup that we end up getting you can still bet on Superbowl 2018 regardless of which team makes it by joining one of the above recommended sportsbooks.

One of the biggest reasons we would want to see this matchup is the fact that it will feature two of the best quarterbacks to play the game.

Tom Brady, a five-time Super Bowl winner is already considered by some to be the greatest, and Brees, who rejuvenated his career in New Orleans, also has one Super Bowl victory to his name and a handful of quarterback records as well.

Superbowl LII Matchup

If the Saints play the Patriots in the Super Bowl, it will give Brees another chance to defeat one of the greatest quarterbacks, after defeating Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts to win his first ring.

Detractor will be pointing out the fact that the two teams met in week 2 this season in a game the Patriots dominated.

However, at that time, the Patriots were coming off an embarrassing opening night loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, whole the Saints had a shorter week to prepare for New England and were still figuring things out.

This time around, both teams would be well prepared, and with the Saints defense coming on strong this season and their running game being the fifth best in the league, they aren’t one dimensional anymore, which will make this probably the best Super Bowl matchup possible.

With the way both teams have played this season, a Super Bowl matchup between the two teams is very possible. The Patriots have home field advantage in the AFC, and will likely only be tested by the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Saints have a much tougher road, but the NFC is wide open this year so they have as good a chance as any of the NFC favorites.

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