Top Wagering Picks for NFL 2017-18 Season

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A look ahead into the best betting picks for the NFL 2017-2018 season with potential favorites and unlikely underdogs this season. Finding good betting picks for the NFL’s 2017-2018 season could be difficult given the unpredictability of each NFL season. If you are looking for the best betting picks for the NFL 2016-2017 season, let us shed some clarity on some picks that will earn you some easy money on your favorite sports betting website.

Buffalo Bills Season Win Total – Under 8 Games
While the Buffalo Bills may seem to be a competitive team on offense, the team may have some worries on defense, which could help the team achieve just under 8 wins in the 2017-2018 season.

Top Wagering NFL Picks 2018

As a result, if your sportsbook is allowing you to bet on over/under on the win total of a particular team, execute this bet on the Buffalo Bills as they will be playing in an ultra competitive division while entertaining one of the most difficult schedules in the NFL this year. Keep in mind these top NFL wagering picks are very early and will change dramatically going into the NFL playoffs.

Carolina Panthers to Win the NFC South
One NFL bet that you should feel comfortable about is the Carolina Panthers winning the NFC South. With Ron Rivera as Head Coach and Cam Newton as starting quarterback, its hard to see this explosive team struggle throughout the 2017-2018 NFL regular season.

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