Will The Cowboys Make it to SuperBowl 52

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There are quite a few questions surrounding the Dallas Cowboys in this 2017-2018 season which will will aim to tackle today. Will the Cowboys repeat as NFC East Champions? Will the Cowboys then make it to Superbowl 52? Let’s find out.

The Dallas Cowboys were one of the biggest surprises last season because the team lost future Hall of Fame quarterback Tony Romo in the preseason, and had to replace him with rookie quarterback Dak Prescott which meant zero chances of making it to the Super Bowl, or at least NFL pundits figured.

During the 2016 NFL Draft, Prescott, who started at Mississippi State, fell to the fourth round of the draft, and was expected to spend a few years on the bench learning how to become a starter in the NFL.

Cowboys Superbowl 52 Odds

Since the team felt it was too late in the offseason to bring in a new quarterback, the Cowboys decided to give Prescott the starting job and hope he didn’t mess up too badly until Romo returned.

Prescott surprised the Cowboys and the rest of the league with his poise and accuracy, and led the Cowboys to the second best record in the NFL.
The Cowboys eventually fell to the Green Bay Packers in the playoffs, but despite the loss, the Cowboys knew they had found their quarterback of the future, even if it had more to do with luck than talent evaluation.

In the offseason, Tony Romo retires, which eliminated any potential quarterback controversy that might have been played up by the media if he had returned to the team.

With Romo gone, Prescott is the undisputed starter on the team, but will he be able to have as much success this season?

The honest answer is probably not. NFL teams have had the whole offseason to watch tape on Prescott, so they will be better prepared to defend against him. The fact that he might not have Ezekiel Elliot in the backfield for the first few games also works against him because teams won’t have to worry about the running game as much as they would if Elliot was there. The news of Elliot’s suspension immediately impacted odds to bet on Superbowl 2018 because nobody thought the Cowboys could accomplish much without a decent running game.

Dallas also has to worry about the New York Giants, who finished second in the division and are expected to be even better this year.
To answer the original question, the Cowboys won’t win the NFC East this season, but they will still make the playoffs.

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