AFC South Betting Odds

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It’s never too early to look at AFC South betting odds. On the road the Super Bowl 2019 there is a good chance the victor may be from the AFC South.

Can a team from the AFC South emerge as a serious contender for the Super Bowl in 2019? Many sports bettors were surprised to the see the Jaguars in the AFC Championship game last season, considering the fact that they lost to the Titans twice during the regular season.

The AFC South is retooling and many sports bettors believe that the Jaguars have a chance to go further than they did last year. Let’s closely examine the preseason Super Bowl 53 betting odds for each of the AFC South teams.

  • Jacksonville Jaguars – 22/1 Super Bowl Betting Odds
  • Despite being last year’s Cinderella story, the Jacksonville Jaguars aren’t getting much love from the sports betting crowd. At 22/1 the Jags have an outside chance of winning the Super Bowl trophy in 2019. Could they go further than they did last year? These are AFC South betting odds.

  • Houston Texans – 22/1 Super Bowl Betting Odds
  • The Houston Texans have created some offseason buzz with Deshaun Watson coming back from injury. Watson was electrifying as quarterback of the Texans and if he can put the team on his shoulders, he can likely find success in 2019. Keep an eye on the Texans because if they can shore up their defensive struggles, they can likely make a run in the playoffs.

    AFC South Betting Odds 2019

    Betting on the SuperBowl

  • Tennessee Titans – 50/1 Super Bowl Betting Odds
  • The Titans went 9-7 last year and won a playoff game on the road against the Chiefs. Despite having success in the playoffs last year, the front office cleaned house and brought former Patriots linebacker Mike Vrabel onto the team as head coach.

    Vrabel brought in the Rams’ former offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur to call the plays for quarterback Marcus Mariota. The Titans are largely untested thus deserving of their 50/1 Super Bowl 53 long shot odds.

  • Indianapolis Colts – 60/1 Super Bowl Betting Odds
  • The longest of all the shots in terms of a team winning the Super Bowl from the AFC South is the Indianapolis Colts.

    Many questions still surround Andrew Luck and the Colts organization has brought in new coaching and player personnel in that will likely need time to gel. On paper, the Colts are the worst team in the AFC South division. There you have it for our AFC South preview. Enjoy these betting odds for Super Bowl 53.

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