Can the Eagles Repeat as Super Bowl Champions

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Are the Philadelphia Eagles built for another Super Bowl run? Can the Eagles repeat as Super Bowl Champions? Lets find out.

What the Eagles were able to accomplish this season was amazing. Despite all of the key injuries ranging from Carson Wentz to Jason Peters on their way to winning their first Super Bowl. This was won in franchise history and was simply amazing to witness. For decades, the Eagles and their fans have desperately been waiting for this team to bring home that first championship. In addition, the best part is, Doug Pederson seems to be just getting started.

It’s a bold statement for a team like Philadelphia to claim this is hopefully just the first of many titles. However it could very well happen when looking at how many of their key players are under contract. But most importantly, Wentz seems determine. Determined enough to make sure that he’s going to be healthy enough from his torn ACL to be good to go for opening night.

Eagles Repeat Super Bowl Champions

2019 Super Bowl Champions

The Eagles surprised many by winning the Super Bowl last year. Can they do it again and repeat as Super Bowl champions in 2019?

Even if Wentz isn’t healthy enough to play at the beginning of the season, Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles will be ready to go if needed. They still have a long way to go, but it will be fun to see if this is the start of a potential dynasty for the Eagles.

Wentz, a potential MVP, will return next season. Also returning from injury are linebacker Jordan Hicks and cornerback Sidney Jones, who will help bolster the defense. Even with the rules stacked against them, the Eagles are well positioned to be Super Bowl contenders for years to come. They have assembled a talented, young and deep roster with a coach who is at the top of his game.

Right now the Philadelphia Eagles are on top of the world.  If they can continue that style of play and passion, they are going to be hard to beat. Their first four out of five games are very winnable games, a fast start is important just like their championship season.

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