Can The Seattle Seahawks Win Super Bowl 53

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The Seattle Seahawks are at a crossroad this offseason. A once dominant dynasty in the NFC hasn’t been the same in past seasons. Russell Wilson and the offense have struggled since Marshawn Lynch’s departure and the defense is losing starters piece by piece over the years. Could it be time for a rebuild or does Pete Carroll have one more title run in him?

If the second option holds true, the Seahawks can win Super Bowl 53 with their experience.

Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl 53 Betting Odds

Super Bowl 53 Betting Odds Seattle Seahawks

Odds To Win The Super Bowl: 30-1

Even after missing the playoffs in 2017, the Seahawks are just three years past from back-to-back Super Bowl appearances. The good news is, most of that core is still together throughout the entire organization. John Schneider is still the general manager, Carroll is still the head coach and most importantly, Wilson is still the starting quarterback under center.

It’s going to be interesting to see how the Seahawks adapt this offseason. They’ve relied so much on the defense in the past isn’t the same unit we’ve seen in years past. Richard Sherman has now left the team and is playing for rival 49ers as Kam Chancellor and Cliff Avril’s playing futures are up in the air. No matter what, it’s going to come down to experience and veteran teams find a way to play through adversity and win when it matters most.

The Seahawks’ experience is extremely important. It’s Super Bowl or bust every year for this organization and the Seahawks have what it takes to win the big game in Atlanta.

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