Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl Odds

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What are the Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl odds? The Dallas Cowboys finished the 2016 season with a 13-3 record.  They were expected to be Super Bowl contenders last season. However, injuries and the six-game suspension of running back Ezekiel Elliott were too much to overcome.  Also, the team finished the season 9-7. Current Superbowl 2019 betting odds for the Cowboys have them sitting at a +3000 wagering line.

This year, the Cowboys are hoping having Elliott for all 16 games will help them get back into the playoffs.

Dallas’ odds to win the Super Bowl next season is +3000. This makes them a middle of the pack team according to NFL betting sites.

The Cowboys go into the upcoming season with a lot of holes and questions. The team released Dez Bryant, whose play has declined in the last few seasons, but was still their best receiver, leaving them without a true number one receiver.

To make matters worse, Jason Witten, who said after last season that he would return for another season, had a change of mind and decided to retire to take a broadcasting job like Tony Romo did last year.

Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl Odds

Superbowl 2019 Betting Odds

With Bryant and Witten not coming back, the Cowboys were going into the season with Terrance Williams as their top receiver, but he was arrested for public intoxication over the weekend, which will likely result in a suspension from the league. What does this mean for the Cowboys Superbowl 2019 betting odds, a lot!

In addition to the question marks they have on offense, the Cowboys also have a few holes to fill on the defensive end.

Dallas has what is arguably the best defensive line they have had in a very long time, but they still need some help at the linebacker and cornerback positions.

When Sean Lee is in the lineup, the Cowboys defense plays very well, but Lee is injury prone and when he is out of the lineup, the defense looks very bad. With Lee turning 32 before the start of the season, the Cowboys need to make sure they have a capable replacement if he suffers another injury or decides to retire.

Their secondary was one of the youngest in the league last season, but they showed some promise. If they can play better than they did last year, the defense will become an asset instead of a liability.

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