New England Patriots Super Bowl Chances

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What are the New England Patriots Super Bowl chances this year? Well, currently betting sites have the Patriots at +550 wagering odds. Can Tom Brady strike oil once again?

Further more as it turns out, the New England Patriots are human again. An incredible Super Bowl 52 performance by Tom Brady wasn’t enough as his team fell just short against the Eagles 41-33. Patriots fans have been spoiled over the years. However, now have a reality check heading into the offseason. If there’s a silver lining, its that Brady and Belichick will be back for one more ride.

For the reason that we have rarely seen Brady and Belichick in this position. However, the NFL was an unpredictable product and this surely proved it.
There was speculation that the duo might call it quits after a sixth Super Bowl win. Also, that’s surely not happening now. The Patriots are left with a sour taste in their mouth thinking what could have been and have unfinished business to take care of. No other team is going to be more motivated heading into next season, you can guarantee that.

Tom Brady Equals G.O.A.T

New England Patriots Super Bowl Chances

It’s still tough to bet against the greatest quarterback of all-time. What Brady has done in his career will never be matched and he’s not done yet.

The 40-year old is still one of the best players to step on the field in any given week and that’s not going to change seven months down the road.

Brady is one of those players who’s determined to win no matter what. If that means carrying his team to a Super Bowl title than so be it. They have everything in place again as this is becoming the norm in New England. It is time for another Super Bowl run. Patriots fans have been blessed with one of the greatest sports dynasties ever and it’s not coming to an end just yet. They’ll be back for another run at a Super Bowl and they have every chance to be crowned champions in 2019.

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