Seattle Seahawks SuperBowl 53 Betting Preview

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Powerhouse no more. Just a few seasons ago, many wondered if the Seattle Seahawks were going to be the next Super Bowl dynasty. A dynasty to rule the NFL. Fast forward to 2019. Many Seahawks fans question if this team even has what it takes to compete in the ultra-completive NFC West division. Today we preview Seattle Seahawks Superbowl 53 betting.

Sports books are currently laying the Seahawks 40/1 betting odds to win Super Bowl LIII. These may seem like long odds. However, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll is known as a tactician who has excelled at his craft. Even when the odds are against him.

The Seahawks X-Factor: Russell Wilson

Just a few seasons ago, Russell Wilson was being discussed as a top tier quarterback in the NFL. If you had compared Wilson to a guy like Jared Goff two seasons ago, you would pick Wilson every time. Russell Wilson will be the heart and soul of the Seahawks organization. If Wilson struggles, it’s unlikely that the Seahawks defense will be able to pick up the pieces and string together a win.

Seahawks Super Bowl 2019 Odds

Seattle Seahawks Superbowl 53 Betting

With this in mind, many of the Seahawks past problems were based on injuries. For whatever reason, the Seahawks could not keep their starters on their field. Thus, having to rely heavily on reserve players to fill the ranks. If Russell Wilson can get some protection from his offensive line, the Seahawks could become contenders for the 2019 Super Bowl game. On the other hand, the Eagles do have a shot at Superbowl 53.

The 12th Man: The Seahawks at Home

Even when the Seahawks were not playing with all of their starters, they continued to be a tough team to defeat at home. When the Rams and Raiders began to show promise in the division, the Seahawks always played competitively and above their relative skill level against these teams.

The Seahawks benefit from having one of the loudest home fields in all of sports. At 40/1 betting odds, the Seahawks will certainly take all the help they can get from their home team crowd affectionally known as “The 12th Man” at CenturyLink Field.

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