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When Do NFL Playoffs Start

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Happy New Year! Looking for information on when do NFL playoffs start? How about which NFL playoffs teams have a chance at going to the Super Bowl? You have come to the right site!

Ezekiel Elliott’s six-game suspension during the 2017 season proved to be costly for the Dallas Cowboys. Elliott carried the load as a rookie, leading the NFL in rushing and more importantly taking the pressure off of Dak Prescott. Without their top offensive weapon, the Cowboys went just 3-3 during the most crucial point of their schedule and missed out on the postseason. It was a saga within itself and both parties enter next season with a clean slate.

The offense revolves around Elliott’s once-in-a-generation type talent. He’s the definition of the complete running back and is dominant in all facets of the game. At just 22-years old, Elliott can carry the offensive workload and will need to in 2018. Dez Bryant has seen his best days come and go as he was recently kicked to the curb with his release. Jason Witten isn’t much more than a security blanket at this point in his career. Prescott’s dominant rookie season was due to the success of Elliott and he’s not the same quarterback without his best friend on the field.

2019 NFL Playoff Teams

When Do NFL Playoffs Start

Scott Linehan must play to the strengths of the Cowboys’ offense and rely on the ground game. With one of the best offensive lines still intact, holes will open up with ease for Elliott. The Philadelphia Eagles aren’t going away anytime soon and the Cowboys have the formula to break one of the best run-stopping defenses in the NFL.

He wears just one number away from Emmitt Smith but Elliott has Hall of Fame potential that could lead the Cowboys to the promised land in 2018.

There was a lot of talk with Zeke played all of last year, the Cowboys would of been a huge threat. It is now time for the Dallas Cowboys to finally put all the pieces together. Well the time is now for the Dallas Cowboys.

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