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Atlanta Falcons Superbowl Chances

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In our latest preview we predict Atlanta Falcons Superbowl chances. The Atlanta Falcons are an intriguing team. For the reason that despite having setbacks during the NFL regular season, they always play their division rivals the toughest. This includes the New Orleans Saints. The Saints are favored to appear in the Super Bowl at the end of the season.

The Falcons are loaded with offensive weapons. Also, it wasn’t that long ago that they had a 25-point lead over the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl. We all know how that ended. This will hurt their Superbowl chances.

It seems like the Atlanta Falcons never fully recovered from that implosion. While the team had gotten better on offense, the team is not as balanced on the defensive side of the ball. This presents several issues that must be remedied before the season commences. Many experts do not believe there will be time.

2020 Superbowl Chances Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta Falcons Superbowl Chances

The best part about the Falcons is that they had a good draft. The team picked up some key players during free agency. If you review the Falcons free agency pickups, many of the players they signed on are the defensive side of the ball. Will this impact Superbowl chances? Players like JJ Wilcox and Chris Odom were brought onto the team to answer immediate questions that have plagued the team since their epic collapse against the Patriots. Public enemy number 1 in New England.

Online sportsbooks have listed the Falcons as 40/1 longshots to win the Super Bowl in 2020. The Atlanta Falcons certainly have a tough division. However, the way this team has continuously figured out its divisional opponents could give the team the upper hand as they look to win enough games in order to qualify for the playoffs.

Could the Falcons win the Super Bowl chances in 2020? Anything is possible, especially when you have Matt Ryan and Julio Jones. The Falcons certainly face an uphill climb but they are also one of those teams that can start out the season 5-0 and at that point, you would regret not locking in those 40/1 odds.

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