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Super Bowl 54 Preview

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The best part of the NFL is the unpredictability of any given Sunday. In Today’s Super Bowl 54 preview we look at 49ers and Chiefs betting predictions. These men are professional athletes and some of the biggest upsets in NFL history have also been some of its most memorable games.

The playoffs tell us that Super Bowl LIV could be the most unpredictable Super Bowl yet. Going back to first Super Bowl, the AFC and NFC are pretty close in terms heads-up winners.

The NFC has 27 Super Bowls while the AFC has 26 going into Super Bowl 54. Because of the parity in the league, the underdog always has a chance especially if the favorite blunders and throws an early pick 6.

These plays are literal game changers and since many NFL games are decided by a touchdown or less, one bad play by the favorite could tilt the scales.

Free Betting Predictions Super Bowl 54 Preview

Super Bowl 54 Preview

Look at the Super Bowl a few years ago where the Patriots came back from a 25-point deficit. Although Tom Brady was down over 3 touchdowns, the Patriots capitalized on the mistakes of the Falcons and stole the show. Matt Ryan still thinks about it.

Although Tom Brady will not be in the 2020 Super Bowl, the same sort of unpredictability that caused his early exit could make for an interesting matchup.

Could Lamar Jackson possibly make a Super Bowl appearance? Maybe in 2021. What about Jimmy Garoppolo from San Francisco? Yes. As we enter a new decade, many of the older QBs are starting to retire or have their skillsets fade.

Because of this, an added factor of unpredictability may plague the league and product new Super Bowl rivalries. Look at the 2019 Bills.

Even though they were bounced from the playoffs, the Bills are one of the new up and coming teams of the 2020 decade. Because of all of these new faces. The NFL is about to become extremely exciting. From a sports betting perspective. It makes the proposition of betting on an underdog seem awfully enticing. Looking for Super Bowl 2020 prop bets?

Take the Kansas City Chiefs -1.5 betting odds over the San Fracisco 49ers on Sunday.

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