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Methods to Bet on Super Bowl Winners

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Today we preview 3 proven methods to bet on Super Bowl winners. If you are thinking about getting your feet wet in the online betting world, what better way to get started than to bet on Super Bowl 2021. Betting on sports be intimidating but with a bit of research, you can outsmart the book and cash a few Super Bowl winners. Here’s a couple methods you can use to find the eventual winner of the Super Bowl.

Regular Season MVP Quarterback

Did you know that 10 regular season NFL MVP quarterbacks have went on to lead their teams to Super Bowl victories? Yes. Given the fact that around 20% of NFL regular season MVP quarterbacks have found success in the Super Bowl. You could blindly bet on Super Bowl teams that have accomplished this feat. Perhaps turn a profit based on this one handicapping angle alone.

Balanced Offenses and Defenses

Over the past 27 Super Bowls, 16 of the eventual Super Bowl winners had a top 10 offensive ranking. Also, a top 10 defensive ranking. We can deduce that it isn’t offense that wins championships or defense that wins championships, it’s both.

Online Methods to Bet on Super Bowl Winners Online

Methods to Bet on Super Bowl Winners

When you find teams that rank highly in both of these categories, you can feel confident that you’ve got a strong contender that can possibly win the Super Bowl.

Betting Against Wild Card Winners in the Championship

Did you know that only 6 Wild Card winners have won the Super Bowl? In terms of Super Bowl betting. You’re talking about 10% success rate when evaluating all of the Super Bowls. In 2021, you will be going against the trend if you find yourself backing a Wild Card winner in the big game. What does this mean? If this situation happens to present itself. You can potentially cash a big ticket when you bet on Super Bowl 2021.

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