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NFL Over Under Betting Trends

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Wondering how to take part in NFL over under betting? As you formulate your betting strategies for the NFL, it is important to think about the way you decide to attack each game.

For example, if you have two teams with bad run defense, should you bet on the over or under on the point total. Obviously, it depends on what that number actually is and what you think the line should be. If the total is 45 or under, do you take the over or the under? To help answer some of these questions, let’s look at a few trends from past seasons to see if you can identify a profitable betting strategy in terms of wagering upon NFL games.

One of the worst teams during the 2019 NFL season for run defense was the Cincinatti Bengals. In 16 games, the Bengals’ games went over 7 times and under 9 times. This is surprising to most because you’d think that the total would go over more often than not.

Top NFL Over Under Betting Totals

NFL Over Under Betting Totals

If you think about other teams that had poor run defense in 2019, you’d also look at Miami Dolphins and the Las Vegas Raiders. In 2019, the Dolphins games went over 9 times and under 7 times. The Raiders had their games go over 7 times and under 9 times.

You must think critically about the results to see if these results are something that could point you towards an advantage or if there is no advantage at all. For example, maybe the bookmakers are well aware of these team’s defensive troubles therefore the results are just about even on each side of the total. Maybe you should find a critical factor that each team possessed on the over or under side of the wager.

Regardless of your strategy, you should use these stats as food for thought as you bet NFL games every week.

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