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NFL Season Will Not Be Postponed

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On Thursday, the NFL season issued its first statement about its plans. Plans to handle the coronavirus (Covid-19) situation. Which has forced the other three major leagues to suspend their seasons. Or in the case of Major League Baseball, postpone the start of its season. Which is scheduled to begin mid March.

Despite the other league taking precautions to prevent the virus from spreading, the NFL announced that it does not plan to delay the start of its new league year as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Many believe that the issue should be handled by May.

However, the league cancelled its annual meeting that was scheduled to be held in West Palm Beach, Florida, from March 29 through April 1.

The league said “full consideration and votes on any open football issues, including playing rules, bylaws and resolutions, as well as other business matters,” will take place at the spring meeting scheduled for May 19-20 in Marina Del Rey, California. Head coaches and general managers will participate in the meeting, the league said.

Coronavirus Covid-19 Will Not Cancel NFL Season

NFL Season Coronavirus Roger Goodell

The NFL season also canceled the Regional Combine Invitational. Also, the HBCU Combine that were scheduled for March 27-29 at the Miami Dolphins’ training facility.

Many of the teams in the league have already restricted travel for their coaches. Along with scouts due to the virus.

Will the NFL Season Start on Time?

The Atlanta Falcons, Buffalo Bills, Detroit Lions, Jacksonville Jaguars, Kansas City Chiefs, Dolphins, Minnesota Vikings, New York Giants and Jets, Pittsburgh Steelers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins were among the teams to pull personnel off the road and restrict travel. A move all teams should follow.

The Eagles also announced on Thursday that they were closing Lincoln Financial Field. Also, their training facility effective Friday. This per the recommendation of health officials. The Falcons announced that their facility would be closed until Monday. This so that it could undergo a thorough cleaning.

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