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Sammy Watkins Okay With Paycut To Stay With Chiefs

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Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Sammy Watkins agreed to a restructured deal that will allow him to stay with the Chiefs, accepting a $9 million deal, a $5 million drop from the $14 million he was scheduled to make.

Despite leaving a lot of money on the table. Watkins, who spent the first three seasons of his career in Buffalo, is happy he will be with the Chiefs for at least one more season. Who wouldn’t?

“Very important to stay,” said Watkins. “For what we did in winning the Super Bowl. The type of team and coaches we have, the organization, why wouldn’t I stay? I’m a guy that’s been in the league going on seven years, and I’ve been on teams that were not so good and were not winning.

“We’ve got a well-established quarterback. A well-established team, coaches, organization. The real fun is in the winning more than anything.”

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Sammy Watkins With Chiefs 2021

Watkins isn’t too worried about the $5 million he is leaving on the table because he feels he has made enough money during his career and the opportunity to pay with stars like Patrick Mahomes doesn’t come around too often.

“I think I’ve made enough money,” Watkins said. “I’d love more money, but as far as being smart and [staying] on this team, knowing you’ve got to pay Pat [Mahomes]. You’ve got to pay Chris [Jones], there’s a lot of guys you’ve got to pay. So for me to take a contract like I did was a blessing. … This is my happy place, so why not take a smaller contract and come out and play with the guys I’ve been playing with?”

Since he joined the Chiefs two years ago. Watkins has been the team’s third-leading receiver behind Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill. He had said he was willing to accept such a role as long as the Chiefs were winning. Which they have been.

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