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Super Bowl LV Betting Predictions

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In continuing with our theme of Super Bowl LV betting we will post our predictions below.

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has taken the league by storm since he became the team’s starter in 2018. He won the league MVP award in his first season as a starter, leading his team to the AFC title game where they lost to Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. He followed up the next season with a Super Bowl win over the San Francisco 49ers.

Now, in his third year as the Chiefs starter, he has led the team to their second Super Bowl in three years, which is eerily similar to what Brady did when he became a starter.

Brady led the Patriots to the Super Bowl three times in his first four seasons as a starter, winning them all. He led the team to six more Super Bowls in the next 13 years, winning three of them.

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Even though Mahomes has been a starter for only three years, he has achieved a lot with the Chiefs, who hadn’t been to a Super Bowl since 1969. He is already on pace to break a lot of passing records if he can stay healthy and if he plays for a long time.

The Chiefs have done a great job surrounding him with talented players at key positions and have one of the best coaches in the business, so it’s not too much of a leap to imagine Mahomes playing at a high-level for a long time.

So, the question now is will Mahomes break Brady’s Super Bowl record? The answer is no. A lot of the success Brady had was due to the fact that he has played for over 20 years under the greatest coach in NFL history. Even though Reid is also a great coach, he is 62-years-old and likely won’t be coaching in 10 years. There’s also a lot of roster turnover in the NFL and the Chiefs likely won’t be able to keep some of their stars for much longer.

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