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Super Bowl Online Bettings

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Crafting your Super Bowl online bettings tickets for Super Bowl 2021 can seem like a challenge. If you think you’ve figured out how the game will play out, think about these betting strategies. Maximize your profit while minimizing your risk.

Super Bowl Betting Parlays

If you believe that you can beat the spread and pick the OVER/UNDER. Why not parlay these wagers for maximum profit? Many sports books will allow you to parlay these two outcomes in order to give you maximum betting odds. Keep these betting tool in your arsenal in case you have a strong opinion about how the game will play out.

Super Bowl Adjusted Lines

Depending on your opinion of the game. You could potentially take an adjusted line to get better odds. For example, if you think the game will be a blowout, you could possibly take a much higher point spread margin and get paid exponentially when you cash your ticket. Super Bowls rarely are blowouts but they can and do happen.

2021 Super Bowl Online Bettings Live

Super Bowl Online Bettings

Another angle to take is the adjusted point total wager. Just a few years ago when the Patriots played the Rams, almost everyone was shocked that there was only 16 points scored total in the game. If you had taken the UNDER 20 points, you would have made over 10x your wager. Make sense?

Super Bowl Point Spread Line Movements

Super Bowls always seem to be closer than they are supposed to be. You could use this to your advantage. Keep an eye on the Super Bowl line movements to get an idea of where the late money is going. For example, if you see the point spread shift from -7 to –6 and to –5.5, you can safely assume a lot of money is going in one direction. Use this to your advantage when mapping out your bets because if enough money is being bet to shift the lines, this should get your attention and you should evaluate accordingly.

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