AFC North Chances to Win Superbowl

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A month of NFL regular season in the books. How exactly has the playoff picture changed? Here is a look at updated AFC North chances to win Superbowl 53.

The AFC North division continues to be dominated by the Pittsburgh Steelers. All experts agree that the Steelers are the team to beat in the AFC North.

If you were to rank the remaining teams, you’d probably say that the Ravens, Bengals and Browns are the next likely favorites to win the division, in that order. Handicappers have assigned the following preseason Super Bowl odds to these AFC North teams.

Pittsburgh Steelers – 10/1 Super Bowl LIII Betting Odds

Depending on the sports book you use, you can find the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 10/1 betting odds range. These odds seem to be in line with the Steelers actual chances at securing the Lombardi trophy for the 7th time. If the AFC North division is the Steelers to lose, they will likely get a home playoff game and be one of the higher seeds in the AFC playoffs. Enjoy these S

Baltimore Ravens – 25/1 Super Bowl LIII Betting Odds

Despite having a Super Bowl winning quarterback on their roster, the Ravens drafted Heisman winning Lamar Jackson early in the 2018 NFL Draft.

This acquisition has led many Ravens fans to wonder what Flacco’s future could be in Baltimore. If Flacco falters, it’s probably Lamar Jackson time in Baltimore. Then again, if Joe Flacco is playing poorly, the Ravens most likely won’t be in contention for a Super Bowl berth anyways. Chances to win Superbowl will be constantly updated.

Superbowl 53 Chances to Win

AFC North Chances to Win Superbowl

Cincinatti Bengals – 80/1 Super Bowl LIII Betting Odds

The Cincinatti Bengals have had a weird offseason and it seems like the team has established their offense around Andy Dalton. While the Bengals have endured lackluster playoff success in recent years, Dalton has actually put up decent numbers. Still, many experts believe that the Bengals will have an uphill climb to even make the NFL playoffs this year.

Cleveland Browns – 80/1 Super Bowl LIII Betting Odds

Do you believe in miracles? If you do, you can earn 80 times your money because it will take a miracle for the Cleveland Browns to win the Super Bowl in 2019. The Browns have endured one of the worst losing skids in all of football and it doesn’t seem like the squad has made the offseason improvements required in order to become a Super Bowl caliber team.

In conclusion. chances to win Superbowl 53 will keep changing.

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