Jimmy Garoppolo and the 49er’s Path to Super Bowl LIII

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NFL Week 1 is behind us and Week 2 is just around the corner. Now we can look ahead to Jimmy Garoppolo and the San Francisco 49ers path to Super Bowl LIII.

One of the biggest offseason story lines in the NFL has been the 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. Some sports critics believe that Garoppolo was a one-year wonder, while others believe that Garoppolo was traded from the Patriots at Tom Brady’s request.

Despite what you think about Garoppolo, he seems to have full command of his football team when he is on the field. In order to be a successful quarterback, you must be able to run an offense that is capable of running all cylinders. This is one of the intangible qualities of Jimmy Garoppolo.

Despite facing some fierce competition last season, Garoppolo largely prevailed and found success when many had written off the 49ers as an afterthought. What does this mean for Super Bowl LIII wagering?

The Hunter Becomes the Hunted

This year, teams will be well aware of Jimmy Garoppolo because they have a few game films on him to study and coaches will use this to exploit his weaknesses. Teams will no longer discount the 49ers as an easy win, thus making Jimmy Garoppolo more of a targeted quarterback.

Jimmy Garoppolo 49ers Super Bowl LIII

San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl LIII Betting Odds

The 49ers have 20/1 betting odds on them if you were to place a bet on San Francisco to win the Super Bowl before the 2018 NFL season starts. These odds are fairly attractive, given how competitive the 49ers looked with Garoppolo commanding the offense.

The 49ers Won’t Surprise Anyone

The San Francisco 49ers are on every team’s radar this season because the NFL press has hyped up Jimmy Garoppolo during the offseason. If Jimmy Garoppolo is well worth the hype, it might be worth throwing down a small wager at 20/1 to keep the NFL season interesting. Check here for more Super Bowl LIII betting odds and trends.

Otherwise, if you don’t believe the hype, it might be wise to stay away from the 20/1 odds since the 49ers might have questions at other spots on the field that might need to be answered should they decide to make a serious bid to win Super Bowl LIII. Can the 49ers defense keep up with the high-powered offenses featured in the NFC conference?

In conclusion, we hope you enjoyed these Super Bowl LIII picks.

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