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Super Bowl Betting Guide 2021

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Chiefs? Packers? Chiefs Vs Packers? Welcome to our Super Bowl betting guide 2021. Betting on Super Bowl 2021 can seem challenging. With a bit of research, you can impress your friends while lining your pocketbook with profits when you pick the Super Bowl winner in 2021. This leads us to an important question.

What handicapping factors are the most important when trying to determine who will win the Super Bowl? Let’s dive in.

Examining the Running Backs of Modern Super Bowl Winners

When you look at Super Bowls of yesteryear, you typically think of teams that feature a ground and pound running game. If you look back at Super Bowls from the past 15 years, that isn’t always the case. Trust us. Many NFL teams have taken the running back by committee approach. There was a 10 year stretch from 2005 to 2015 where the Super Bowl winning team only had a pro bowl running back 3 times. Remember that?

That just shows you that the game evolved. To become extremely reliant on the passing game. The running game is important, but the shelf life of running backs is rather short and teams have found more success by spreading the ball to different backs.

Picking Winners Super Bowl Betting Guide 2021 Odds

Super Bowl Betting Guide 2021

Look for a team that can do this successfully as it will give defensive coordinators more plays to defend against in the big game.

Examining the Quarterback of Modern Super Bowl Winners

We touched on it briefly. However, quarterbacks are pivotal to winning the Super Bowl. When you are deciding to bet on a team to win the Super Bowl. Examining the production at the quarterback slot is essential. Outside of quarterbacks like Nick Foles who won the Super Bowl as a backup. Super Bowl winning quarterbacks are household names that even non-football fans can recognize. Guys like Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers are all quarterbacks who have won the Super Bowl in the modern era. Having a blue-chip quarterback seems to be essential for any team that you believe can win the Super Bowl in 2021. Patrick Mahomes? Aaron Rodgers? We predict a Chiefs vs Packers match-up.

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