Best Super Bowl 51 Prop Bets

The Super Bowl kicks off today and you still don’t know who or what to bet on? This is where the guys at come in. Check out the below list of the best prop bets to place your wager on for Super Bowl 51 and/or Super Bowl 2017 and/or Super Bowl LI whatever you want to call it.

The Top 6 Prop Bets for Super Bowl 51

Super Bowl prop bets provide gamblers with an easy way to make a profit without actually betting on the final score of the game. Prop bets have become synonymous with the Super Bowl, thus attracting a wider variety of sports bettors to offshore sports gambling websites. 

Top Super Bowl Prop Bet

Here is a list of the top 10 prop bets for Super Bowl 51

1) The Coin Toss – Ready to make a buck before kickoff? You can bet heads or tails at most online sports books.
2) LeGarrette Blount’s 1st Rushing Attempt – This betting line lets you bet on the amount of yards that LeGarrette Blount will accumulate on his first attempt.
3) First Punt by Matt Bosher – This bet lets you pick the over or under on the gross yards of Matt Bosher’s first punt.
4) Fumble Recovery in the End zone – You can be on the over or under on the total number of fumble recoveries in the end zone. 
5) Shortest Field Goal of the Game – You can bet on the over or under on the shortest field goal completed by either team.
6) Will the Patriots get a Rushing Touchdown in the 1st Half? This is a simple Yes or No bet which pays close to even money on both sides, depending on your sportsbook.

Whether you are old-fashioned and just looking to bet on the Patriots to see how much you would make, or you want to wager on the Falcons to see how much you could win then the above recommended online sportsbooks for Super Bowl betting are for you.

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