Cincinnati Bengals Super Bowl Odds

Do you think the Bengals have a shot at making it to the big game? Today we will be taking a look at the Cincinnati Bengals Super Bowl odds to win Super Bowl 2015. One thing you need to keep in mind when it comes to placing prop wagers for Superbowl betting is that these odds change every week, even after bye weeks so it is important to play these odds like the stock market.

The Cincinnati Bengals are one of the two teams to start the first quarter of the NFL season undefeated. The Bengals enjoy a bye in week 4 however the real test for this team will be if they can defeat the Patriots on the road. The Bengals have a superb chance of making the Super Bowl as this year seems to be a break out season. Marvin Lewis and his Bengals have faltered in the playoffs in years past but this year seems to be different. Many analysts feel like the Bengals will be able to win their division as well as get the coveted first round bye which will give the Bengals a better chance to excel in the post season.

Bengals Superbowl Odds

The Bengals playoff chances currently sit at 10/1. This betting line was published by Bovada, who is currently offering odds on all 32 NFL teams to make the Super Bowl. Odds makers have the Bengals listed as the third overall favorite to make the Super Bowl 2015 with the Broncos and Seahawks being the top two favorites. If the odds makers are correct, the AFC championship game could include a combination of the Broncos, Patriots or Bengals. If the Bengals can defeat the New England Patriots on the road in week 5, the Bengals could emerge as being the top Super Bowl favorite for the AFC conference. There you have it in a nutshell, Super Bowl XLIX will be a tough game to crack and the Bengals will have to put it all on the line to make it.

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