Could the Super Bowl in 2016 Be a Rematch

The Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots met in Super Bowl 49 this past season, with the Patriots winning in shocking fashion. It is rare to have a Super Bowl repeat from one season to the next, but is it possible in the coming year? It is certainly possible, but the chances may not be as likely as they seem. With Tom Brady starting the year on suspension, and Russell Wilson’s contract status in flux with Seattle, both teams are unsettled at quarterback heading into the campaign. While both Seattle and New England are likely to be contenders this season, everything will have to break just right for both of them to make it to Santa Clara for Super Bowl 50.

Super Bowl 2016 Rematch

One advantage that each team does have is a relatively weak division schedule. There aren’t obvious threats in either the NFC West of the AFC East, meaning that both the Seahawks and the Patriots could have a relatively clean path toward the playoffs. However, surprises are a constant in the NFL, and those paths could wind up being far more challenging than they look at the moment.

If a rematch were to occur when the Super Bowl arrives at Levi’s Stadium, it would certainly generate an incredible amount of interest. Given the ending of last year’s Super Bowl – on a stunning interception at the one yard line, the build up to Super Bowl 50 could be record setting. Even if they don’t both return for another shot at the title, the pursuit of a trip to Santa Clara by both Seattle and New England will be something to watch and if you want to bet on it you can check Top Bet for updated Super Bowl odds for 2016 betting.

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