Denver Broncos Super Bowl 50 Odds

Today we will take a look the the Denver Broncos Super Bowl 50 online betting odds for 2016.

The Denver Broncos are the favorites to win the AFC West conference. Do the Chiefs, Raiders or Chargers stand a chance at beating Denver Broncos? When you think of the Denver Broncos, the first player that comes to mind is Peyton Manning. Although Manning is one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history, he is getting older which could give one of the other teams in the AFC West an unnoticed advantage.

Broncos Super Bowl Odds

The Broncos are currently being priced at –185 odds. The Chiefs are the Broncos main contenders in the AFC West division and they are getting +300 betting odds. The Chargers are picked to take 3rd place in the division, with them getting +550 betting odds. The Raiders, who haven’t been a factor in the divisional race in the past few seasons, are currently being priced at +900 betting odds.

The NFL’s AFC West conference showcases some of the best players in the league. The Chiefs will need to buckle down on defense in order to contain Manning while the Chargers will need to get all that they can get out of their veteran quarterback Philip Rivers. The Raiders will need to have a miracle season to overcome the odds set for them.

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